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Well I've been here for quite some time, and as it seems you've taken over the logo I suggested. ;P

But there are some parts of the wiki I do like, and some I don't. And I think it's more efficient if I use Wikia's blogging feature for that. I'll mark my review with "(++)", "(--)" etc. to point out which parts I find positive and which ones I think they need to be improved, and I'll try to be fair.

As of October 2009 this wikia has about 3,000 articles (++) that are more or less above stub level (+) and have sources (+), a well going community (++) and regular contributers that know about One Piece. (++)

But there are some parts of this wiki that make it "plain" and "less good": First one is - the skin needs some freshing up. (-) There are many German wikias - not just the OnePiecePedia - that switchtet to the Monaco skin as default and modified it - via Skin, Toolbox and Sidebar. It's nothing that needs to be done desperately but I'd be glad if you could make it more colorful. ;)

Second one is... You heavy usage of GIF animations from Fansubs. (--) IMO a clear and neat screenshot 640x480 with 50 up to 150kb outweights a thumbnail sized animation which is some megabytes large. Even if you had a thumbnail still on the article page, you still had the image description page where readers can have a look on the images' details. If you want to use animations, maybe you want to upload video streams instead? They'd had the benefit of loading and start the animation by request - and not by default (unless you hit <Esc> or turn GIF animations off in your browser) If you want to have stills - User Talk: Defchris. Though I stopped watching the TV show midway half of the Amazon Lily arc.

Third one is... Your forum... Sorry but that's a talk page. (-) Have a look at ... well, maybe the Memory Alpha - that's actually the standard throughout wikia how they made up their forum(s). ;)

I hope you guys don't take this the wrong way because I enjoy to look up information for the German OP wikia as well as talking with users here on canon and transscription topics. O:)