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  • Defchris

    Quick Theory on SAD and Monet

    September 14, 2012 by Defchris

    Just my 2 cents:

    1. I think SAD is the "medicine" Whitebeard received in chapter 234 when Rockstar was aboard the Moby Dick to deliver Shanks' message. Doflamingo provides it to all Yonko who gain strength from it with the result of exeptional growth.
    2. Monet is the nurse we see in that chapter right next to Whitebeard.
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  • Defchris

    Does anyone have the japanese Version? Is the story mode as badly adapted to the 3DS console as in the European version? The Graphic port just fails epic big time, and the Survival mode freezes the console.

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  • Defchris

    Why are you prefering png over jpeg? The frames already were compressed with a lossy codec, so it doesn't make any sense to save them as png files. The images get many times bigger but the quality is the same as if you used a jpeg image...

    - 154 kB vs. - 1.22 MB Read more >
  • Defchris

    Can't believe ...

    October 30, 2011 by Defchris

    ... that there could be a filler that I'm grateful for but... Apparently, Caribou killed Kibin. I'm delighted - sort of. :D

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  • Defchris

    Well I've been here for quite some time, and as it seems you've taken over the logo I suggested. ;P

    But there are some parts of the wiki I do like, and some I don't. And I think it's more efficient if I use Wikia's blogging feature for that. I'll mark my review with "(++)", "(--)" etc. to point out which parts I find positive and which ones I think they need to be improved, and I'll try to be fair.

    As of October 2009 this wikia has about 3,000 articles (++) that are more or less above stub level (+) and have sources (+), a well going community (++) and regular contributers that know about One Piece. (++)

    But there are some parts of this wiki that make it "plain" and "less good": First one is - the skin needs some freshing up. (-) There are many German w…

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