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NOTE. For some reason, I tried to post this in my blogs, and it just showed up as a page. Please excuse me for this and any other mistakes I'll probably, most definitely make in the future.

Alright, so the long and drawn out Dressrosa is reaching its close (hopefully, it'll be less than 20 chapters--hopefully!!) and finally, we get to officially meet Mansherry/Ma Cherie/whatever-her-name-is, who has DEFINITELY put on weight since the last time we saw her, like dang. "Some things never change, huh?" Let's keep my first blogpost short--thanks for reading thus far, by the way--and cut to the chase, unlike a certain Mr. Oda, and say that Mansherry will be used at the very end of the arc to heal the wounded of Dressrosa. All those controlled by Doflamingo, the people/animals they hurt, the Marines, the Colosseum fighters, the Straw Hats on the island, Bellamy, and so on and so forth (would be surprised if the Donquixote Family weren't healed by the end of this arc)... I just don't see Oda introducing a deus ex machina of a character like Mansherry, and not using her to neatly tie up the bow that is the conclusion of this arc.

I envision a scene like the end of the Alabasta arc when Vivi's voice finally reaches her people and puts an end to all the fighting and chaos, and then, bam, rain begins to downpour on the sandy island. I'm calling this one, and please, please, PLEASE hold it against me if I'm wrong, that Mansherry will CRY a flood of tears, or something like that, over the island of Dressrosa, effectively healing all those injured in Doflamingo's sick "survival of the fittest" game.

And that concludes my first blogpost, so thank you again for reading, and if you liked/loved/disliked/hated it, drop a thought in the comments below.