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  • Dddttt

    Annnnnnnnnd the draw for THE NEXT STRAW HAT is.......ACE?????

    Hello fellow One Piece abusers, (I actually believe we abuse the shit out of One Piece because out of the countless people i know who read One Piece, I am the only one who checks extra info on the wiki.....but thats a good thing right... i found you guys!!!!)

    Anyway so i finished reading the lastest chapter and i actually belive it's official, the person who will eat the Mera Mera will be the next person who joins the SH crew, and it likely be a child.

    We know th SH crew has beeen broken don into three groups, fighting wise.

    • Monster Trio (Luffy, Sanji and The Realest Nigga Ever) 
    • Support Trio (Brook, Robin and Franky)
    • Weakling Trio (Nami, Usopp and Chopper)

      • A group Chopper shouldn't be part …

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