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  • David D. Jones

    Zoro vs Sanji

    June 14, 2011 by David D. Jones

    Who would win, Zoro or Sanji?You really cant predict the outcome of any fight and be right simply because, anything can happen during a fight. And when it comes down these two characters you're always going to have someone playing favorites. As you can see Zoro obviously has the advantage due to his fighting style using swords. If Sanji throws a kick it can mean the end of his legs. They both have abnormal strength, speed, and stamina, but I would have to give the edge to Zoro since he has nothing better to do than train while Sanji is busy cooking. A way for Sanji to get the upper hand would be for him to hit key spots on Zoro. If Sanji could land deadly blows to Zoro's legs that could throw off Zoro's posture and affect his swinging abil…

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