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I was writing this, and got about halfway through it. Suddenly,I lost power. Had to re-write all that I'd written. Oh well!

Yet again on the seas of the New World, another ship sails.

???: Our guy on the inside just sent us word that Big Mom is on the move. Straw hat has really pissed her off.

???: Ha ha. What did that kid do?

???: Apparently sent a bomb straight to Whole Cake. The shit blew up right in her face.

The two are revealed to be Eustass Kid and Killer.

Kid: Damn. Well, is she headed to the place?

Killer: Hell yeah. She knows about Laws plan.

Kid: Shit.. Well, I'll call Apoo. You call Hawkins.

Killer: Sure thing boss.

*Kid grabs the snail in his cabin and dials up a number. It rings."

Apoo: Hello??

Kid: Hey. Its me. We got word Big Mom is on the move. We can try ambush her on her way.

Apoo: Kid? Hey. Ok, I'll gather my guys. Wheres she headed anyway?

Kid: Where else? Shizun Quad...

Apoo: Sure thing. I'm on my way. *He hangs up*

*Killer walks in the room*

Killer: We have a situation on our hands. Hawkins is in trouble.

Kid: Whats the problem??

Killer: Ask him yourself. *He hands Kid the phone*

Kid: Hello?? Hawkins whats wrong?

Hawkins: Eustass! Listen. You need to watch out. I cant go anywhere. Im done for. The Government has sent the Shichibukai after us!!

Hawkins, along his is crew is trapped inside of an icy cavern. The opening is blocked by a large, shadowed figure.

The Yonko War: Part 2: Hunted

The man enters the cave, revealing himself as Barthoomew Kuma.

Kuma: Target Found: Basil Hawkins. Termination Iminate.

Hawkins: Damnit.... The outcome of this is unclear... I can't talk! Make sure Scaratchmen Apoo is ok as well! *He hangs up on Kid*

Hawkins crewmates: Captain! lets run!

Hawkins: No. You all can go. I'll be ok.

His crewmates reluctantly run away, being ignored by Kuma. He has a separate target.

Hawkins: There has to be greater threats than us rookies for you to deal with. Why did the World government send you after us?

Kuma: Playing recorded message. "The alliance between you three, and also Strawhat and Trafalgar, is threatening the balance of the Three Great Powers. The weeds need to be pulled before they ugly the garden." message complete.

Hawkins: Akainu...... You can tell your boss that I looked into the future today! I foresaw a war! There's bigger fish to fry right now, Akainu!

*Kuma grabs Hawkins*

Hawkins: Damnit! They coated your hands in Kairoseki...

Kuma:........ Message recorded. Ursus Shock.

Hawkins scream echoes through the snowy mountain...

Meanwhile, on the Heart Pirates submarine, Law is trying to get a hold of a certain pirate...

Law: Ugh.... Hello?

???: Yes? Who's this?

Law: Drake. This is Trafalgar Law.

Drake: The hell? How'd you get this number??

Law: Not important... I have a proposition for you. Listen I'm sure you've-- AAGHG

*The submarine is knocked around, banging law into the wall*

Drake:... Law?.......Law you there...?

*The wall of the sub is suddenly ripped open by a huge slash*

???: Trafalgar Law! I've come for your head!

Law: Aw hell... I'm gonna have to call you back.

Dracule Mihawk stands in the large, gaping hole that he has created.

Mihawk: Nothing personal, just following orders.

Law: BEPO!

Suddenly, from behind Mihawk, a super powered jump kick hits him right in the head.


Mihawk: Oof!

Bepo: Take that!

Mihawk:.... That hurt...

Meanwhile, at the The Holy land of Mariejois...


Kong burst into Akainu's office, seething with anger.

Akainu: Whats the problem?

Kong: You sent the Shichibukai on search and destroy missions without the Ok from me, or the higher ups? What the hell is wrong with you!??

Akainu gets up and out of his chair, waling over to Kong, who is about half a foot taller than the fleet Admiral, and getting right into his face.

Akainu: I don't need your god damn permission to tell some cock roaches to go kill some scum.

Kong: God dammit Akainu, thats insubordination!

Akainu: I will do anything if its in the name of justice.

*Kong slumps in a nearby chair, head in hand*

Kong: Now, we have no Shichibukai at the ready, and we keep receiving word from our undercover agents that both Kaido AND Big Mom are headed toward the same place.

Akainu: Thats what we have Vice Admirals for. And Admirals. Don't forget us. You think I don't think these things through? I'm not that thick, Kong.

Kong: But still, I don't--

Akainu: Don't worry. *Akainu leaves the room*


Back at the island the Straw Hats have docked on..

Franky: Is that a uh... friend of yours...?

Zoro: Far from it...

???: Captain! Its Strawhats crew!

On the deck of the ship, the captain points forward, smiling bravely, but is obviously nervous with sweat drops coming off him.

Buggy: Ok, we can do this...

Alvida: Youre obviously nervous, Captain..


Mohji and Cabaji: He's right! Lets hear it for Buggy!

Sanji and Zoro both facepalm