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Well, I think I am going to attempt a "___ War" series. We'll just see how this goes. Im not really sure what the premise of this war is, but I guess its a clash taking place when Law and Luffy try to take down Kaido.

On the seas of the New World, the Thousand Sunny sails across stormy waters. Luffy is seen talking on the Den Den Mushi to Law, who is at Zo with the Heart Pirates.

Luffy: Ok Law, we'll see you in a day.

Law: Ok, Strawhat. Just wait at that island. Kaido is headed there.

Luffy: Sure thing. Bye Law *He hangs up*

*Nami calls to Luffy from outside*

Nami: Island ahead!

Luffy: Shi sh shi. Alright! ADVENTURE!

The Yonko War: Part 1: Adventure on the Island of Seasons

Sanji: This island seems normal enough...

Usopp: *Looking nervous* Maybe too normal...

The storm has stopped. In front of them is a large, spring island. The island is surrounded by beautiful green trees. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.

Franky: Well, we might as well check it out.

Zoro: This island is boring me already

Usopp: Well, while we are waiting I suppose I'll go see what plants I can find in forest.

Luffy: I wanna go find a big bear to beat up!

Chopper: Oh! Me too!

Brook: I love spring islands! They inspire my music! And now, I sing, I sing of spring...

Team One: Luffy, Usopp, Chopper and Brook


Zoro: Shut up, ero-cook.


Nami: Hey, guys! Whats that!?

A ship is seen approaching from the west, its flag is unclear, because of a slightly thick fog. Its headed toward the western shore, while the thousand Sunny is docked to the South.

Sanji: Seems suspicious...

Franky: Is that the Yonko?

Zoro: Couldn't be, his ship would have to be way bigger.

Nami: Boys.. go check it out, please?


*Sanji grabs hold of Zoro and Franky, and jumps off the ship, running toward the western shore*

Team Two: Sanji, Zoro, and Franky


Robin: Its just me and you I suppose. *Robin opens a book and sits in the swing*

Nami: Don't worry Robin, you can protect us.

Team Three: Nami and Robin

Luffy has found a walking stick, and is walking with Chopper and Usopp at his sides, behind him Brook is singing and playing guitar

Brook: The trees, the trees! Watch out don't hit your head!

Chopper: Hey, whats that?

Usopp: Oh! A Hercules beetle!

Luffy: Like back at Jaya! Lets catch it, Usopp!

Usopp: Right!

The group chases after the the beetle, leading them around the trees and suddenly into a giant clearing.

Luffy:... Gotcha! *He grabs on to the beetle an holds it up like a championship belt*

Brook: Hercules! The best beetle you'll see! Hercules! No match for me! Wow, this clearing is so large....

Chopper: There's... something over here...

Usopp: What is it...? Lets go check it out.

Luffy: There's something about this... Just seems odd..

The scene changes to Sanji, Zoro, and Franky.

Zoro: i cant believe you dragged be along.. SLOW DOWN LOVERBOY! *He smacks Sanji in the head*

Sanji: You don't want to come, then go protect the women.

Zoro: *Yawn* Too long of a walk...

Franky: Do you guys notice the trees...?

Zoro: The trees?

Franky: Yeah.. they're changing. The ones here aren't like the ones we saw back near Sunny. These seem to be more like ones you'd see in the fall. With orange and yellow leaves.

Sanji: Hey, you're right.... That's weird.. Its kind of like back at Punk Hazard.

Zoro: Hopefully not *He has a thought bubble picture of him shivering without a shirt*

Franky: That ships getting closer... I can see the jolly Roger now, do you guys recognize it?

Sanji: Uh oh...

Zoro: Not him... Why him....

The scene changes to Nami and Robin back at the Sunny. The Den Den Mushi begins ringing. Nami picks it up.

Nami: Hello?

Law: Hello? Cat Burglar? This is Law. I've contacted former warlord Jinbe, who has ended his alliance with Big Mom in order to help us. He's also gathering a crew of former Sun Pirates. You can expect him on his way with me. We wont be the only crews at this party.

Nami: Jinbe! Ok good! He's our friend,  we helped him back at Fishman Island, and he helped Luffy during the War. He said he would join our crew, too!

Law: Good to hear that your on good terms. I'm still getting together my contacts. Keep in touch. *He hangs up*

Robin: *Walks into the room* So, this means we could have trouble with both Kaido and Big mom...?

Nami: Oh, I didn't realize that..

Robin: I'm sure Big mom isn't happy about Jinbe leaving her. She already had a grudge against Luffy. This would just make her angrier at him.

*Nami gets into a praying position*

Nami: Dear lord... please don't let these Yonko kill us... I'm too young and cute to die...

Robin: I'm sure we'll all end up corpses in the end.

Nami: Be more positive, please!!

Luffys group approaches the thing that they saw earlier

Brook: Oh my... Well I know what this is...

Chopper: Luffy...

Usopp: Oh....

In front of them stands the graves of Portgas D. Ace and Edward Newgate.

Usopp: Luffy... You're brother...I

Luffy stares blankly at the graves

Luffy: Hey, Whitebeards crewmates buried him right next to Ace! That was nice of them. I'm sure Ace would've liked that.

Chopper: Whats this? Seems like someone was trying to tell your brother about our return! There's a newspaper here about us.

Luffy: Bottles of sake.... Just like..-- Never mind. Well, I'm glad to see their graves look nice.

Usopp: well, uh, Luffy.. We should go back to the ship now..

Luffy: You guys go on ahead.

Brook: Oh.. Okay, Luffy-san.

Brook, Usopp, and Chopper reluctantly walk away. Luffy takes a seat in front of the two graves and takes his hat off

Luffy: Hey Ace, long time no see. Who's been here to see you? I bet it was one of your other buddies, shi shi shi. Anyway, I wanna thank you again for what you did two years ago. It really meant a lot to me. I was really sad when you were gone, but I got through it. Now I know how you felt when Sabo died...

*Luffy looks over at Whitebeards grave*

Luffy: And you, Old man Whitebeard, I'm pretty mad at you! You had to go and die before I had a chance to spar with you! You were a tough old guy! Seeing you fight was awesome!

*Luffy lays on his back*

Luffy: I didn't expect to see you guys here, shi shi shi...

Meanwhile, on an unknown ship, shadowed figures talk

???: Boss! Kaido's on the move!

???: Oh yeah? I'm sure Luffy and that Trafalgar kid are gonna try and intercept him.

???: Ha ha, thats our Luffy

???: Don't forget about my boy! He's pretty strong himself!

???: Ha ha, you're right Yasopp!

The shadowed figures are revealed to be the Red Haired Pirates, on Red Force.

Shanks: Ok, Beckman! Time to go!

Benn Beckman: Right. *He turns the steering wheel to put them on a different course*

Shanks: Luffy... I heard you want to take me down. Not if I have anything to say about it, Dahahahaha!!