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On a hot summer morning in the Kingdom of Alabasta, a little baby boy named Yoshimoto was born to a Royal Guard father, and Royal Maid mother. He was very close to the royal family, playing with their son Cobra daily. They were best friends.

But one day, his father stole gold from the king and was fired, along with his mother. The family lost their house in Alubarna and had to move to Nanohana, the port town. There his father opened up a small bar, like is father before him had. Yoshimoto never saw his best friend Cobra again.

There in the bar, Yoshimoto saw many strong pirates and other famous people enter. He lived his life going to school, and coming home to an exciting bar. Yoshimoto met a girl during his teen years, and the two fell deeply in love. When he graduated high school, he decided to buy his own home with the money he had saved up from working at the bar.

He father was beaten to a pulp after challenging Kung Fu Dugongs, and died. His mother was so sad that she killed herself.

Yoshimoto took over as owner of the bar, and turned it into a restaurant, which he officially named "Spice Bean". It was then he learned he would be the father of Decaplets (10 children). He had to provide for his wife, and ten little babies now.

His children were born, and grew to be healthy, and happy. Every day, Yoshimoto's wife sent the kids to school and then went over to the neighbors house, who was an writer that stayed at home. The two fell madly in love.

One day, in the Spice Bean, a famous pirate arrived. Portas D. Ace was there and said he was looking for his brother, but he kept falling asleep. Suddenly, a famous Marine entered by the name of Smoker. But, before he could capture Ace, another person crashed into him from behind, sending him flying forward into Ace.

The three crashed through the wall of Yoshimoto's restaurant, shocking the man. He was so shocked he could barely talk. The third man even ate all the food in the restaurant. He was going to yell at them, but the three ran away. Yoshimoto was very sad.

He went home that day, only to find his wife in bed with the neighbor. She told Yoshimoto she was leaving him,and taking the kids. Yoshimoto was devastated, and later found out he didn't have enough money to fix the damages in his restaurant. He later lost the building.

Because he didn't have any income, he lost his house as well. Yoshimoto decided to  walk into the Shandora Desert, since his life had no meaning anymore. Yoshimoto was then trapped in a sandstorm, in which he came across a Sandora Lizard, which gobbled him up.

This was the life of poor Yoshimoto