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Title: Deal

"Law... why did you...uhg..." The woman died in his arms, bleeding from the mouth.

"I'm.. I'm sorry! I couldn't save you.. I..." Law tried to explain to her but the words would come

"WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE ME!?" Her skin suddenly turned to dust and her face was skeletal.

"AHH!" Law screamed as the face jumped up at him.

Law woke up, in a cold sweat. Another nightmare. He had had nightmares almost every night for about two weeks. Every time he couldn't save a dieing person, and was forced to live with it. He removed his blanket and paced the small bedroom.

He had been living with Doctor Bonum since the incident, and the doctor treated him like family. Law appreciated this.

With a sigh, Law fell back to sleep.

When Law woke up, it was time to head to the hospital. The doctor, of course, was already gone as usual. After getting ready, Law walked outside to a dark foggy morning.

In the fog, a large shadowed figure stood. Law peered into the fog to see what it was, but soon it was gone again. Law hesitantly walked outside. In the fog, barely anything was visible, but he knew the path to the hospital by heart.

Suddenly the shadowed figure came up behind him, and Law attempted to send a kick to the side of its head. The figure grabbed his leg, and with the other hand grabbed the front of his face and squeezed until Law passed out.

He took the young boy into the fog, without anyone noticing....

"Hey! Wake up!"

Law suddenly woke up, in a dark room with one light above him, only to see a large man, with a black beard and hair. He seemed to be made of a slime substance.

"What the..... who.. where.."

Infobox: Trébol, Mystery Man

"Behehehe.. let me introduce myself, I'm Trébol. I serve a man named Donquixote Doflamingo, who is spreading his empire from the New World to the North Blue."

"Whats that to me..." Law cringed as Trébol got closer to him. A big glob of snot hung from his nose. Trébol sniffed it up and answered Law's question.

"We've been scouting out capable suitors to run our branches here in the North Blue, and we've actually found two on this island. One is just a street punk named Bellamy, but you have knowledge in the medical field and I've read about you in the paper. You're a capable fighter and there was that incident with the blue butterfly disease."

Law lowered his head.

"You're a ruthless guy, Trafalgar! Behehehe!" Trébol sniffed up some more snot and got out of Law's personal space.

"Why would I want to be a pirate?" Law asked. Trébol looked over his shoulder at him.

"Donquixote Doflamingo has recently become a Shichibukai, and has many subordinates at his disposal. We know where you are living and who on this puny little island you care for. We could have your doctor friend killed easily."

Law froze. The doctor was his only friend on the island. "You wouldn't... its not worth it." Law attempted to call his bluff. "Behehehe! In our field of work, nothing isn't worth some more power. With some groups up in the north to keep our territory safe, the young master wont have to get his hands dirty himself."

Law sighed.... "I still dont believe you. You're full of shit, slime man."

"Cheeky little kid...." Trébol grinned.

No more words were spoken, and Trébol untied Law, but knocked him out again. Law woke up in an alleyway, staring up at the stars.

"Aw jeez..."

Law ran back to Dr. Bonum's house as fast as he could only to see it blocked off by police tape. "I'm such an idiot...."

He got closer, and saw a black body bag laying in the doorway, and two police officers lifting it up and out of the house. Law stopped one of them after jumping over the police tape.

"Um.. is that... the doctor..?" he hesitantly asked...

"Oh uh... sorry kid..." another police officer came up behind law and put his hand on his shoulder. "The old doc was a pretty great guy. Don't worry we'll find who shot him..."

"Who shot him"

"Shot him."

"Shot him."

The words echoed in laws head as he sat inside the police station after they had asked him to come in for interogation. Law knew who it was, and ran straight out of the police station.

He didnt know where to go, or what to do. But he wanted to find the slime man. The slime man was the one who killed the doctor.

Suddenly, Trébol dropped from the side of the building and got right into Law's face. "We knew just hw you'd react, Traffalgar."

"Go to hell." Law responded, with firey eyes.

"Don't worry, it wasnt me that killed the old guy. Behehe.. So what do you say, Law? Are you up for working with Doflamingo? Or do you want more people of your island to die?"

Law looked down, and sighed. He knew he would regret his decision....

"Count me in."

Under the full moon, Law follows Trébol through the island of Magnus Languor, knowing this would probally be his last time seeing his home.

Chapter End