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Hello everyone. After seeing the latest chapters with Law, it got me thinking about his crewmate, Bepo. In case you dont know, Bepo is a white bear that can talk and do kung fu moves. But the question is, how can Bepo speak? This got me thinking of another speaking animal that was recently introduced, Pekoms. Again, in case you dont know, Pekoms is a talking lion in Big Moms crew. The reasons these two animals can talk has ot been revealed and opens many questions.

There are two other talking animals in the world of One Piece. The one everyone probally thinks of first is of course, Tony Tony Chopper. As most of us know the reason he can talk is because of his devil fruit, giving him human traits. The second animal is the starfish Pappug. Pappug thought he was a human, and belived so much he learned to speak. So, mabey if someone, or something, belives they are something else, through sheer will, they can "become" that thing, in a way. Another animal, allthough he didnt learn to talk, who belived he was something else was Gonbe. This raises the likelyness of this being true. Mabey it is true with humans as well (Luffy belives he will become Pirate King, therefore he will becme Pirate King.)?

So, all in all, my questions are-

  • How can Bepo talk?
  • How can Pekoms talk?
  • Can anyone in the series "become" what they belive they are?

Those are just my thoughts, give me your feedback,~DSP