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Wanted to write this before Christmas, but was away for a while. Oops!

On the Thousand Sunny, everyone celebrates the cold weather they're experiencing during the holidays in the New World. Usopp and Luffy are seen building a snowman on deck, while Robina and Chopper are snuggling drinking cocoa.

But one member is sitting up in the weight room alone.

Sanji walks into the weight room. "Hey Mosshead, put a coat on or you'll catch a cold in here. I brought you some warm tea."

"Get out of here. I don't care about the cold." Zoro continues to lift extreme amounts of weight. Sanji sighs and takes a drag of his cigarette "At least try and have a holiday spirit...". The cook then walks out of the room and back to the rest of the crew.

Alone in the weight room, Zoro angrily lifts weights. "Who cares about the holidays.... All I need is to get stronger.... STRONGER!!" He slams the weight down.

Meanwhile, brook is playing festive tunes while Franky, Usopp and Luffy dance. Nami and robin sit, giggling at their crew mates antics. The sun begins to set. Luffy watches the sun set and the moon rise as he straightens his ear muffs. Eventually, everyone Goes to bed (except Franky who is steering the Sunny). Except for one green haired swordsman.

"Holidays.. who needs em..." Zoro mumbles to himself as he slowly fades into a deep slumber...


Zoro's eyes burst open. There stands a blue tinted Yosaku and Johnny. "IT IS USSSS YOUR OLD BUISNESS PARTNERRRSSS."

"Johnny... Yosaku? What the hell?" Zoro gives the two an annoyed look. "TONIGHT YOU WILL BE VISITED BY THREE GHOOOOOOST!!!" The two wave their arms around hysterically.

Zoro sighs, and goes back to sleep hoping that the two will be gone when he wakes up. as he falls back asleep, the entire room turns a dark orange. A scent of tangerines floats through the air.

"Get up, lazy swordsman."

"Nami?? What the hell the going on? What are you wearing??" Nami is seen with large transparent wings and a long orange dress.

"I'm not Nami I'm the ghost of Christmas past. now come with me." She grabs his arms as they spin quickly, transporting back to Shimotsuki Island, in front of the Dojo. The two look through a window at Kuina, Koshiro, Koshiro's wife, and Zoro. The four are all having fun together. "See that?" Nami looks at Zoro, disappointed "See the fun you USED to have..?"

Zoro stares into the window intently, remembering the good times he used to have. "Ok, now lets go a little further." Nami grabs his hands again and they go through the same routine. They end up further in time, after Kuina's death. Zoro is alone crying in the snow, holding the Wado Ichimonji. Young Zoro stares intently upon the sword "Kuina.... I'll get stronger for you." Older Zoro gently touches the scar on his chest, followed by the one over his eye.

"This is bullshit. Take me back."

Nami gives a sly smile. "Heheh... Not yet." She grabs both his shoulders and throws him over her back. Everything fades to black as he falls down a hole and lands in front of a pair of hooves.

"Oh... Hi Zoro!." Chopper switches to his brain point. He is seen wearing a crown of candles and a green coat that is way too big for him. "I am the ghost of Christmas present! Come with me!" He switches to horn point and runs at Zoro.

"Aw son of a--" Zoro is hit with the horns and swung onto Chopper's back. The two run forward, as everything they run past seems to be a blur. They end up in the kitchen of the Sunny.

Sanji, Luffy, Robin and Franky are seen looking at a plate of warm food Sanji had put together. "Well, I'll go take it to him then." Luffy grabs the plate, and begins to walk out of the room. Sanji grabs his shoulder. "Don't waste your time on him, Luffy. That idiot just doesn't have the spirit. He doesn't care about spending quality time with us."

Zoro tries to shout out to them. 'It's not like that, Shitty Cook!!"

Franky scratches the back of his head "Maybe if he saw my super light up decorations! I could ju--" Robin stares at him. "It's not our business to bother him. Go up there if you must, but just let him know we are just trying to help."

Sanji quickly turns around at yells at the three of them. "Don't you understand?? He simply doesn't care!" Zoro tries to argue with him, but chopper stops him. "They can't here you, buddy. Time to go."

"Wait but I--" Zoro begins to get off Chopper's back but Chopper starts running too fast. everything goes black again, and fades to grey. Zoro is alone on a frozen ocean, barely lit by a small lantern.

"Yohoho....I am the ghost of Christmas

"Brook! What are YOU gonna show me ??" Zoro begins to shiver, but hears the sound on teeth chattering that aren't his. Brook's skeleton hand comes out from a large grey cloak, pointing over to the left. A shivering Zoro is seen far off in the distance, walking into the horizon, covered in ice and snow, his swords scattered around him.

"H-- Hey thats me..." Normal Zoro looks upon frozen Zoro, a confused look upon his face. Brook removes his hood, a sad expression on his face. "Tired of all the holiday cheer, you decided to just try and get away until it died down. In this New World weather you barely lasted an hour."

Zoro looks up to see that the lantern light is actually Franky's Nipple Lights, and the whole crew is searching for Zoro.

"Hey... maybe we should give it a rest, Luffy.." Usopp breaks the icicles made from his nose droppings out from under his nostrils and throws them overboard. Luffy silently sits, his hat making a shadow over his eyes. "We go on foot."

Luffy hops off the ship. Sanji, Usopp and Chopper try to stop him. The rest of the crew follows.

"And they never found you." Brook stares intently at Zoro, as the ice under them begins to crack.


The ice suddenly breaks, casing them to both fall into the deep, darky, icy abyss.

Zoro wakes up. The sun has risen. He is back in the weight room. He springs up and looks out the window. It was still snowing. Zoro smiles widely and runs out of the room, and jumps onto the deck of the Sunny.


Everyone looks curiously at him. Luffy examines him intently. "Are you sure you're... the REAL Zoro...?"

Chopper runs over, "Zoro, you must have hit your head! We'll have to do an examination!"

"No, really, I'm fine. I just realized that.... this time of year is important." Zoro gives a thumbs up.

The whole crew proceeded to celebrate, as one big happy family.