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(April Fools Joke for 2013)

Im pretty sure since doflamingo has that Df that ace ate, luffy will get his hands on it and it will be provedthat you can at two dFs because it was never showed nobody atte two dfs and died like luci said and bluno

if lufy doesnt eat it i think usopp will eat it, and after that doflamino ill finally recognize luffy as his past bro and be revealed to be sabo

f doflamingo isnt sabo then batholme kuma is probally sabo because he help straw hats and sab was rescued by dragon in the past so he [robally joined revolutions

another thing i was thinking about is what if zolo gets a new seastone sword so eventho he has haki, he an still cut logi df types, or zolo will eat a water df so he can stil swim in the water but swont drown because he has water fruit

one of those guys who was watchin cesers weapon video looked like luci so i bet luci andhis guys are gonna show back up and work for doflaming

also monet momonoske kinemn jinbe shirahoshi and vivi wil probally join soon, and laws crew will more than likely join the staw hats crew makin the heart-straw hat pirates even tho law is just too cool to join uffy LOLOLOLOL

another of my guesses is that garp is rogers  dad and not dragons dad, and garp lied because he hates roger so mcbh and wants him to die because he is an evil pirate thats why luffy acts so much like roger and garp but not dragon and ace and luffy really are real brothers

you kno how eneru was on the moon with those robo guys rite? well i think he will find luffy and try to attack him by joining the marines and having all that firepower, but lffy will beat him again and it will be super funney LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

if roger isnt luffs dad then shanks surely is because luffy acts like shanks sometimes,and garp would also be ashamed to have shanks as a son

alsooooooooooooooo i think oda might be a satanist becuz he showed thart devil worshiper guys wen brook landed on that island. wat do you guys think?

Thanks for reading my blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!