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Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to insult anyone whos mother has passed, or is not with them any longer. For those people, please dont feel insulted :)

This Sunday being the day we celebrate the woman who gave us life, Our Mother! In the world of one piece, we've seen lots of great mothers!


The first mother that comes to my mind is Usopps mother! Even when her husband was away at sea, she still stayed positive. She had endless optimism, and raised Usopp to be just like his dad!


Bell-mère is a great mom, that stood by her children through tough times. She wouldnt deny her connection to Nami and Nijiko, even if it meant death!


Olvia was a mom who only wanted whats best for her daughter Robin. She tried to protect her, and loose all connection to her, but couldnt do it. Her love for her daughter was just too strong.


Rouge is a mother among mothers. She kept a baby in her for 20 months! She wanted Ace to go on to live, and was able to do so, with the cost of her own life.

So, there are lots of great mothers in One Piece, but theres also charecters who 's mothers havent been revealed.





and others. Then of course theres one other person everyone thinks of when thinking of mothers

Does she actually have any children?

So, the questions today are, what do you think the mothers of charecters like Luffy, Zoro, and sanji are like? Who are Big Moms children? Whos your favorite mom in One Piece?

Remember to tell your Mommy happy mothers day this Sunday~!