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Hello fellow wiki junkies.

While I had nothing to do today, I started to think of a game me and my friend played once, where you match your initials to an action, place, and person (throw up, at mt.everest, with your mom). Then today I thought, what if i made a One Piece version?

The game is easy. First take your first initial (Ex. If you name is Joe, its a J.) and match it up to an action.

A. Live

B. Build a ship

C. Have a baby

D. Eat a banquet

E. Kill a villiage

F. Pee on a hobo

G. Have a drinking contest

H. Sell your soul

I. Fall in love

J. Get lost

K. Kick a puppy

L. Go to a strip club

M. Become rich

N. Say no to drugs

O. Join a gang

P. Buy a shop

Q. Eat a pie

R. Have an interview

S. Go skydiving

T. Paint a house

U. Fly a plane

V. Drive a car

W. Blow up an orphanage

X. Step on an anthill

Y. Be set on fire

Z. Be frozen

Now, for the middle initial. If you have more then one middle name, use the one that shows up first.

A. at Shells Town

B. at Syrup Village

C. at Little Garden

D. at Drum Kingdom

E. at Cocoyashi Village

F. at Water 7

G. at Amazon Lily

H. at the Baratie

I. at Foosha Village

J. at Whiskey Peak

K. at Skypiea

L. at Impel Down

M. at Wano Country

N. at Fishman Island

O. at Ohara

P. at Enies Lobby

Q. at Kamabakka Queendom

R. at Elbaf

S. at Alabasta

T. at Loguetown

U. at Saboady

V. at Thriller Bark

W. at Punk Hazard

X. at The Moon.

Y. at Raftel

Z. at Jaya

Now, the last initial is a charecter who will acommpany you on while you do your action.

A. with Luffy

B. with Nami

C. with Enel

D. with Buggy

E. with Moriah

F. with Ace

G. with Law

H. with Kizaru

I. with Kid

J. with Crocodile

K. with Coby

L. with Apoo

M. with Smoker

N. with Zoro

O. with Dadan

P. with Garp

Q. with Kuma

R. with Shanks

S. with Usopp

T. with Doflamingo

U. with Chopper

V. with Perona

W. with Sengoku

X. with Aokiji

Y. with Whitebeard

Z. with Hancock

Now, match them up, for example if you name is John Sam Smith, you would be Get lost at Alabasta with Usopp. Have fun.