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If you have seen, new outfits were realesed for Film Z.

Ok so, heres my opinion on all of them.

Luffy- Luffy is looking cool in that skull shirt, the hat over hat scenario reminds me of strong world, Whats the deal Oda? Ran out of ideas?

Zoro- I like his sunglasses :D! Those striped pants are classy too. The coats meh.

Nami- Oh....Ohhh.....I see...... Oda just keeps going for that fan service..... The bikini looks nice in a non-sexual way too though.

Usopp- Dat hat! It looks cool, and the bandana, and whats that thing on his back? Some kind of vacuum cleaner? Cool!

Sanji- His coat is cool, I like his shirt and tie too. He just always looks cool in dem classy suits.

Chopper- YEAAAAAAH Choppers clothes are by far my favorite. He just looks so..... YEAH!

Robin- She looks cute in that sweater, but why wear something warm on the top, and cold on the bottom? Robin why you no dress with logic? She looks nice anyway though.

Franky- He looks cool in my opinion. He even changed his big circle joint things that were his shoulders into afros, so I'm guessing theyre removable.

Brook- Thats a nice Sitar or guitar you got there Brook! Super cool! So wait, Brook has a hawiian shirt, and Franky has an afro? So they changed styles? Im cool with that! They must be best friends! Id be cool with that too!

Give me your opinions on these clothes, ~DSP