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They always told me I just had to give in.

Mother kills father. Father's brother, my uncle, kills mother. They take Uncle away to the nut house. I'm 13 now. Uncle breaks out and comes for me. He thinks I ratted him out. He goes after me with a big knife. I want to fight him but I tell myself "He doesn't know what he's doing." and i run. I tell the Police. He's put to death. They tell me I should've gave in.

Its a lot easier once you give in. A lot easier to do a lot of things

Lady buys me a drink in a bar. I'm 22 now. I drink one. Two. I buy her a couple. She's bought me 6 by now. I'm intoxicated. "Why don't we go back to my place, loverboy?". We go to her hotel room. I pass out. wake up for a second to her stealing my money from my satchel. I get up quickly and grab her neck. Slam her into a nearby mirror. She manages to choke out "I have two kids". I pause. I think to myself "She doesn't know what shes doing. I knock tie her up and call the police. Before the recognize my face from the wanted poster, they tell me I should've gave in.

Once you give in, there's no giving back. You are a different person.

Marine Captain chasing me down. I'm 27 now. His ship versus my ship. My crew scrambling to make the right decision. I know what I have to do. When the Marine ship gets closer I jump on top and run past the Marines on board. Get to the Captain. Have him pinned down. Can do the finishing blow. "Do it! It wont make you any better than me!". I think about his beliefs and why he hates Pirates. "He doesn't know what he's doing." I let him go and knock him out. My crew tells me later I should have just gave in.

Giving in is a big decision. You should only do it if you know you're ready.

I was surrounded. Seastone shackles on my wrist. I'm 29 now. In a filthy alley. The outcome I see for the marine's is not good. They have their rifles aimed at me. "Basil Hawkins, you are under arrest for piracy and crimes against the World Government." I spit at them. "Eat shit." They fire. I duck and am able to dodge every bullet. My memory is slightly fuzzy, but I do believe I used to scrap metal and trash cans to attack them with my legs. They had attacked most of my crew. "They know what they're doing" I think to myself.

I'm surrounded still. But this time by dead bodies. Horribly mutilated bodies. I don't feel bad. I don't feel regret. I know what I've done.

I've given in. Finally.