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On a forest island in the New World

Jinbe: Here it is...

*Meanwhile, the fallen monk pirates are docking on the opposite side. The two are there to camp out for the night, and meet each other in a clearing in the middle of the forest.8

Urouge:....Oh... interesting seeing you here..

Jinbe: I'm here to stop you.

Urouge: Stop me?

Jinbe: Yes. I know you are planning to take down the alliance of the Heart and Straw Hat Pirates. I cant let you do that, Mad Monk.

Urouge: I suppose I'll have to go through you?

Jinbe: *cracks his knuckles* That's right.

*Urouge enlarges his muscle mass*

Urouge: No problem!

*Urouge runs at Jinbe, and sends a right hook punch straight at him, but the fishman effortlessly blocks it, and uppercuts Urouge with his other hand.

Jinbe: Gosenmaigawara Seiken!!

*With Urouge head straight up, Jinbe kicks him in the stomach*

Jinbe: Nanasenmaigawara Mawashigeri

*Urouge is sent into a large tree*

Urouge: ughgh...

*'Jinbe runs at Urouge*

Jinbe: Samegawara Seiken!!!

*He then punches Urouge through the tree and farther into the forest. But, Urouge isn't beaten that easily. He comes back, and kicks Jinbe, knocking him on his back*

Urouge: Inga Zarashi!!

*He repeatedly punches Jinbe, but both his arms are grabbed at the wrist and Urouge his flipped over onto his head*

*Urouge thin spins on his head, with both his legs out*

Urouge: Karmatic Tornadoe!!

*He kicks Jinbe right in the face, sending him back a bit. But Jinbe isn't out for the count. Urouge gets up and runs at Jinbe, aiming to do an Axe kick right onto him.*

Urouge: Karmatic Axe!!

*Jinbe grabs his leg before it hits him*

Jinbe: Uchimizu

*With his other hand he sends a water shot through his lower leg, and chest, with the strength of a bullet*

*Jinbe then flips him over head again*

Jinbe: Don't be so sure of yourself in battle. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. In case it help, I can manipulate the water in the air. Karakusagawara Seiken!!

Urouge: Ugh... my body wont move anymore...

*The the attack then hits, and Urouge is send flying diagonally into a tree, which breaks in half and lands on Urouge, trapping him*

Urouge: ugh... damn you Jinbe...

*Jinbe goes up to Urouge, and punches him right in the chest*

Jinbe: Gyojin Karate Ogi: Buraikan!!

*A shot of water sends a shot straight through Urouges chest, like a shockwave, knocking him out*

*Jinbe wipes a bit of blood from his mouth*

Jinbe: Try again next time, rookie. Do not jump into things unless you know you can handle it...

*Urouges crew runs over to him, as Jinbe walks away.*