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Before I start this blog, I want to give credit to SeaTerror for the idea.

This is a blog about Brook!

We all know our favorite skeleton is loud and funny, and most importantly, NOTHING BUT BONES! (and an afro)

But, during the series I can only recall two times he ate anything. The first was when they first met Brook, He's shown here speaking as if he's going to eat.

Then, after their done he's shown using a toothpuck, and all the plates are empty

And the second time was when Hatchi made them Takoyaki. He even stated he ate them.

Brooks also been seen drinking tea. But the question is, where does it go? He also said he still poops, so how does he digest it? Personally, I think somehow his soul eats it.

Give me your thoughts, theories, and opinions. ~DSP