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Well, its been about a year since I first joined the wiki (March 1st 2012) and I thought, why not make a good ol' anniversary blog.

throughout the year a few things happened

  • I joined the wiki and was welcomed with open arms
  • Made lots of friends, and became (semi)active in the chat.
  • I was named "Photoshop King" (Even though i dont use Photoshop, and my photo editing skills are mediocre at best)
  • Got to see lots of good blogs, write a few good ones, and go along the ride with everyone all throughout the Punk Hazard Arc.
  • Accumulated over 4,000 edits, more than my goal of 1,000.

During my time here, Ive been able to call multiple users I can call "friend". This community is ok in my book.

  • AYET (AY)- One of the coolest guys around, never has a mean thing to say. A great blogger too!
  • Uknownada (Nada)- A funny guy, always good company.
  • Weirdo With Coffee (Cheese Lord/Coffee Shop Corporate Raider) (Coffee/WWC)- Another funny one, also pretty smart himself.
  • Monkey.D.Me (MDM)- A pretty ok guy, who can really rake in the comments on his blogs.
  • Jademing (Jade)- A nice person, not to mention a good laugh.
  • JustSomeDude... (JSD)- Another smart but funny person.
  • Pacifista15 (PX)- Just like JSD, can be funny but still has an intellectual side
  • Calua (Calu)- Another nice girl, and fun to have in chat.
  • Galaxy9000 (Gal)- An ok guy, good person to talk to when you need help with somthing wiki-related.
  • DancePowderer (DP)- A nice, level headed guy.
  • Zori9 (Zori)- Another nice girl, with nothing ever mean to say (also sent me a holiday message that I appreciated).
  • Straw Hat Boy (SHB)- Pretty funny guy who is good to see in chat.
  • Neowitch (Neo)- A pretty cool girl, that is not half bad at doing chapter reviews.
  • X-RAPTOR (X)- A pretty cool guy, always a laugh.
  • Imhungry4444 (IH)- A funny guy, with some pretty ok reviewing skills.
  • Obb-chwan (Obby/Selby)- Always ha[[y to see her in chat
  • Sanji The Cook (STC/Cook)- A pretty cool guy
  • Pandawarrior (Panda)- A funny girl
  • Black Leg Sanji (BLS)- A cool guy, really good at writing prediction blogs
  • Besty17 (Besty)- Another funny, cool guy.
  • AuroraOfDeath (AOD)- A pretty alright guy.

And then theres the inactive ones that i liked

  • Tuckyd (Tucky/Tuck)
  • MarcusJunior (MJ)
  • Swimswimfruit (Swim)
  • LuffyPirateKing (LPK)
  • Zoro-san (Marimo)

All in all, thanks for a good year guys, and lets hope for another one.