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Why have my blogs sucked latley oh, nevermind. This blog is about a island I've been curious about lately. After reading the official article here, I looked in the Trivia and found this-

"Interestingly, Elbaf is "fable" spelled backwards, leading some fans to believe that there are more than just giants on the island."

I'd never noticed that before. It got me spitballing ideas. Remember, these are just ideas, and you dont have to agree with them. In the newest arc, we've seen Centaurs, a Dragon, and of course the Giant kids. So mabey, the master M is capturing the creatures from Elbaf and doing test on them. He couldnt capture adult Giants, so he kidnapped their children. Possibly, Elbaf is an island with lots of fantasy creatures, and the ones we've seen allready have just escaped the facility. We currently see Sanji, Franky, Nami, and Chopper in the facility PH-006. Some people might say that this proves my theory wrong, since they havent found any other creatures. Well, 'mabey' the ones that escaped are the only ones they had, and the kids dont know any better, and are too scared.

But now for the second part, the Centaur and Dragon. Im guessing that on Elbaf, Giants are the main species, ruling over the land, probally controlling the monarchy (if there is any). Then the secondary species, the Centaurs. the Giants and Centaurs live together on the island, holding fighting tournaments and doing their own thing. As for the Dragons, theyre probally just wild, and in small number (or the Giants would be fighting Dragons all day). Dragons mabey live up on the mountains or volcanoes ( Yes, im saying they have volcanoes, Dorry and Broggy said the volcanoe is the "God" that calls them to battle) and keep to themselves, other than the Dragon hunters who try and take their skins and stuff.

But, in "Monsters" the Dragon was from Wano country. Mabey master M is taking species from everywhere and doing test?

Well, thats my thoughts. Give me your feedback in the comments~DSP