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I really hope I waited long enough so that this blog doesn't get drowned in the sea of 683 reviews, or Monet blogs.

Now, today I was talking to my friend and he said that Luffy was a bad guy because he was a pirate. This got me thinking.

Luffy, being the main protagonist in the series is seen by most as the "good guy". He goes around, and helps people and beats the bad guy, and its been like that since the Morgan Arc. But, in the world of One Piece many would see Luffy and his crew as villains, because they choose a life of crime. So for now we will call pirates villains, go with me on this.

The Marines are often shown as the "antagonist" or "bad guys" in the series, but it depends on how you look at it. Since they say pirates are the "bad guys" or "evil" who would stops bad guys? Whats the opposite of "evil"? Well good of course, hence making the Marines good.

But then comes down to the nitty gritty. How does a pirate cross the line from evil to good, or a Marine do vise versa? Now lets take Arlong for example. Arlong is of course a antagonist, but to who? Since Luffy is a pirate and therefore a "villain" then Arlong is the villain... to a villain? Arlong of course does things that are seen as "bad" or "evil". But, he is stopped by Luffy, so is that what draws the line between good or evil? Because Luffy defeated someone who was evil does that make him a good guy? But Luffy still chooses the life of "evil".

Now look at Smoker. During Lougetown he of course was an antagonist. Well, because Smoker is a Marine, does that make him good?

It all depends on how you look at things in the world, and the decisions a certain character makes. Luffy, defeating many "evil" pirates, and not participating in the acts those people do, makes him "good"? If Smoker helps defeat Baroque Works and helps the Straw Hats, does that also make him "good"? So is that the line between the two?

So, from different points of view, different characters can be classified as "protagonist" or "antagonist".

I tried to put my ideas in a way that was understandable as possible, sorry if it wasn't an enjoyable blog.