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Character Tournament 2014: Semi-Final


In the first match up.....

In this corner stands the one and only! He'll conquer your seas and impregnate your women! The SUPER veteran pirate , who sparked a huge fire that's blazing to this day! With strength almost as astounding as his mustache,


and.. his opponent is none other than his very own apprentice... The second keeper of the Straw Hat. The man who ended a war by just standing there, The One-Armed-Wonder, Red Hair himself..

"RED HAIRED" SHANKS !!!!!!!!!!

and in the next match we have...

He's the chillest guy I know, and wants everybody to have a nice time. I sure hope he doesn't freeze up. Here he is folks! The ice man who left the marines, former Admiral, the man who changed a whole islands climate, One-Leg-Lazy Justice,


versus.. The gentleman cook hailing from the East, born in the North. he'll fix you a delicious meal, but only if you're a hottie! The fast kicking, cigarette smoking, lady loving, moss head hating, first class sea cook,

"BLACK LEG" SANJI !!!!!!!!!!

We got a great match up here. the 4 remaining characters from a pack of over 200. Vote for one from each fight. Lets get this done. Let the games continue.


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