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Round 4
Emporio Ivankov Portrait Marco Portrait Hatchan Portrait
Emporio Ivankov Marco Hatchan

Round 4
Buggy Portrait Kaku CP9 Portrait Basil Hawkins Portrait
Buggy Kaku Basil Hawkins

Round 4
Shanks Portrait Silvers Rayleigh Portrait Bartholomew Kuma Portrait
Shanks Silvers Rayleigh Bartholomew Kuma

Round 4
Roronoa Zoro Post Timeskip Portrait Brook Post Timeskip Portrait Tony Tony Chopper Post Timeskip Portrait 120px Monkey D. Luffy Post Timeskip Portrait
Roronoa Zoro Brook Tony Tony Chopper Sanji Monkey D. Luffy

Vote for one person from each group that you want to proceed. This is the finale of Round 4. Let the games continue.