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Round 4 will be like Round 1 but with groups on 3. The fiinal group is a group of 5, though.

Round 4
Smoker Post Timeskip Portrait Lucky Roo Portrait Montblanc Noland Portrait
Smoker Lucky Roo Montblanc Noland

Round 4
Zeff Portrait Jewelry Bonney Portrait Nico Olvia Portrait
Zeff Jewelry Bonney Nico Olvia

Round 4
Monet Portrait Gol D. Roger Portrait Monkey D. Garp Portrait
Monet Gol D. Roger Monkey D. Garp

Round 4
Koala Post Timeskip Portrait Blueno CP9 Portrait Momonga Portrait
Koala Blueno Momonga

Vote for one winner from each group of 3. Let the games continue.