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Character Tournament 2014: Round 3 Part 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Round 3
Kuzan Pre Timeskip Portrait Crocodile Portrait Absalom Portrait Scratchmen Apoo Portrait Bepo Portrait
Aokiji/Kuzan Crocodile Absalom Scratchmen Apoo Bepo
Round 3
X Drake Portrait Franky Post Timeskip Portrait Caesar Clown Portrait NoPicAvailable Gol D. Roger Portrait
X Drake Franky Caesar Clown Duval Gol D. Roger

Round 3
Jozu Portrait Gan Fall Portrait Inazuma Portrait Emporio Ivankov Portrait Gekko Moriah Portrait
Jozu Gan Fall Inazuma Emporio Ivankov Gekko Moriah
Round 3
Montblanc Noland Portrait Cavendish Portrait Arlong Portrait Fisher Tiger Portrait Yorki Portrait
Noland Cavendish Arlong Fisher Tiger Yorki

Round 3
Benn Beckman Portrait NoPicAvailable Hina Portrait Borsalino Portrait Silvers Rayleigh Portrait
Benn Beckman Kyros/Thunder Soldier Hina Kizaru/Borsalino Rayleigh
Round 3
Eustass Kid Portrait Bartholomew Kuma Portrait Sabo Post Timeskip Portrait Edward Newgate Portrait Pica Portrait
Eustass Kid Bartholomew Kuma Sabo Whitebeard Pica

Round 3
Zeff Portrait Hatchan Portrait Shanks Portrait Monkey D. Garp Portrait Basil Hawkins Portrait
Zeff Hatchan Shanks Monkey D. Garp Basil Hawkins
Round 3
Charlotte Linlin Portrait Daz Bones Portrait Shakuyaku Portrait Killer Portrait Tom Portrait
Big Mom Daz Bones Shakuyaku Killer Tom

Round 3
Lucky Roo Portrait Monkey D. Dragon Portrait Smoker Post Timeskip Portrait Sengoku Portrait Donquixote Doflamingo Portrait
Lucky Roo Monkey D. Dragon Smoker Sengoku Donquixote Doflamingo
Round 3
Vista Portrait Kureha Portrait Enel Portrait Buggy Portrait Monkey D. Luffy Post Timeskip Portrait
Vista Kureha Enel Buggy Monkey D. Luffy

Big bunch. Vs are as follows.

Aokiji vs X Drake

Crocodile vs Franky

Absalom vs Caesar Clown

Scratchmen Apoo vs Duval

Bepo vs Gol D. Roger

Jozu vs Noland

Gan Fall vs Cavendish

Inazuma vs Arlong

Emporio Ivankov vs Fisher Tiger

Gekko Moriah vs Yorki

Benn Beckman vs Eustass Kid

Thunder Soldier/Kyros vs Bartholomew Kuma

Hina vs Sabo

Kizaru vs Whitebeard

Rayleigh vs Pica

Zeff vs Big Mom

Hatchan vs Daz Bones

Shanks vs Shakuyaku

Monkey D. Garp vs Killer Basil

Hawkins vs Tom

Lucky Roo vs Vista

Monkey D. Dragon vs Kureha

Smoker vs Enel

Sengoku vs Buggy

Donquixote Doflamingo vs Monkey D. Luffy

Vote for your favorites. Let the games continue.


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