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Round 3
Brook Post Timeskip Portrait Usopp Post Timeskip Portrait Nami Post Timeskip Portrait Blueno CP9 Portrait Keimi Portrait
Brook Usopp Nami Blueno Keimi
Round 3
Sugar Portrait Vegapunk Portrait Doberman Portrait Urouge Portrait Jewelry Bonney Portrait
Sugar Vegapunk Doberman Urouge Jewelry Bonney

Round 3
Iceburg Portrait Shiki Portrait Oars Portrait Sakazuki Portrait Perona Thriller Bark Portrait
Iceburg shiki Oars Sakazuki/Akainu Perona
Round 3
Bartolomeo Portrait Gladius Portrait Wiper Portrait Tony Tony Chopper Post Timeskip Portrait Jesus Burgess Post Timeskip Portrait
Bartolomeo Gladius Wiper Tony Tony Chopper Jesus Burgess

Two groups this time. Vote for who you'd want to in the one on one voting sessions. Sessions are as follows.

Brook vs Sugar

Usopp vs Vegapunk

Nami vs Doberman

Blueno vs Urouge

Keimi vs Bonney


Iceberg vs Bartolomeo

Shiki vs Gladius

Oars vs Wiper

Akainu vs Chopper

Perona vs Jesus Burgess

Let the games continue