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Round 3
Capone Bege Portrait Chinjao Portrait Jinbe Portrait Rob Lucci CP9 Portrait 120px
Capone Bege Chinjao Jinbe Rob Lucci Coby
Round 3
Roronoa Zoro Post Timeskip Portrait Trafalgar D. Water Law Portrait Magellan Post Timeskip Portrait Hiluluk Portrait Marshall D. Teach Portrait
Roronoa Zoro Trafalagar Law Magellan Hiluluk Blackbeard

Round 3 consist on one on one voting sessions. The competitors on Part 1 are above.

Zoro vs Capone Bege

Chinjao vs Law

Jinbe vs Magellan

Hiluluk vs Lucci

Coby vs Blackbeard

Please vote for 5 characters, who you want to win each vote. Let the games continue.