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Character Tournament 2014: Round 1 Group 25, Group 26

Group 25
Emporio Ivankov Portrait Bluejam Portrait Doma Portrait Gloriosa Portrait Islewan Portrait
Ivankov Bluejam Doma Nyon Islewan
McGuy Portrait Crocodile Portrait Fighting Bull Portrait Enel Portrait Nico Robin Post Timeskip Portrait
McGuy Crocodile Fighting Bull Enel Nico Robin
Cabaji Portrait Sai Portrait Viola Portrait Shyarly Portrait
Cabaji Sai Viola Shyarly
Group 26
Kuro Portrait Laboon Portrait Damask Portrait Kuina Portrait Ideo Portrait
Kuro Laboon Damask Kuina Ideo
Ikaros Much Portrait Tony Tony Chopper Post Timeskip Portrait Miss Goldenweek Portrait Thatch Portrait Agsilly Portrait
Ikaros Much Tony Tony Choppper Miss Goldenweek Thatch Agsilly
Keimi Portrait Miss Merry Christmas Portrait Chess Portrait Cancer Portrait
Keimi Miss Merry Christmas Chess Cancer

Voters will vote for a maximum of FOUR characters per group. (also, if you're gonna make your answer something I have to figure out, make it as easy as possible >_>) Let the games continue.


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