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Character Tournament 2014: Round 1 Group 23, Group 24

Group 23
Clover Portrait Diamante Portrait Alvida Portrait Brannew Portrait Wapol Pre Timeskip Portrait
Clover Diamante Alvida Brannew Wapol
NoPicAvailable Lola Portrait Kashi Portrait Jango Marine Portrait Palms Portrait
Duval Lola Kashi Jango Palms
Choi Portrait Eustass Kid Portrait Meadows Portrait Montblanc Noland Portrait
Choi Eustass Kid Meadows Noland
Group 24
Den Portrait Mr. 7 Portrait Scratchmen Apoo Portrait Chinjao Portrait Makino Portrait
Den Mr. 7 Scratchmen Apoo Chinjao Makino
Conis Portrait Buggy Portrait Gram Portrait Rush Portrait Hajrudin Portrait
Conis Buggy Gram Rush Hajrudin
Mr. 4 Portrait Shachi Portrait Izo Portrait T-Bone Portrait
Mr. 4 Shachi Izo T-Bone

Voters will vote for a maximum of FOUR characters per group. (also, if you're gonna make your answer something I have to figure out, make it as easy as possible >_>) Let the games continue.


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