One Piece Encyclopedia


Character Tournament 2014: Round 1 Group 13, Group 14

Group 13
Vergo Portrait Edward Newgate Portrait Brogy Portrait Nami Post Timeskip Portrait Ninth Portrait
Vergo Whitebeard Brogy Nami Ninth
Mozu Portrait John Giant Portrait Bobbin Portrait Shelly Portrait Shakuyaku Portrait
Mozu John Giant Bobbin Shelly Shakky
Busshiri Portrait NoPicAvailable Lao G Portrait Spandam Portrait
Busshiri Heracles Lao G Spandam
Group 14
Pagaya Portrait Rockstar Portrait Bentham Portrait Saldeath Portrait Eyelashes Portrait
Pagaya Rockstar Mr. 2 Bon Clay Saldeath Eyelashes
Yasopp Portrait Sind Portrait Coribou Portrait Lassoo Portrait Mr. 1 Portrait
Yasopp Sind Coribou Lassoo Daz Bones
Maynard Portrait Ryuma Portrait Dorry Portrait Pica Portrait
Maynard Ryuma Dorry Pica

Voters will vote for a maximum of FOUR characters per group. (also, if you're gonna make your answer something I have to figure out, make it as easy as possible >_>) Let the games continue.


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