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Character Tournament 2014: Round 1 Group 1

It begins

Group 1
Charlotte Linlin Portrait Ohm Portrait Tamago Portrait Hina Portrait Ishilly Portrait
Big Mom Ohm Tamago Hina Ishilly
Wanze Portrait Monkey D. Garp Portrait Hannyabal Post Timeskip Portrait Patty Portrait Bian Portrait
Wanze Monkey D. Garp Hannybal Patty Bian
Kechatch Portrait Itomimizu Portrait Killer Portrait Nosgarl Portrait
Kechatch Itomimizu Killer Nosgarl

So I was gonna have everyone vote for the top 7 (half of the group) but I decided taht would make Round 2 kind of big..well bigger than normal. So I decided why not make it less than last year.

Vote for FOUR characters to proceed into Round 2. No limit on how long you've been on the wiki (yet).

Let the games begin.


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