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Title: And The Winner is....

Cover: Quest to save Granny! Stopped by Robot-Man!

Page 1

Announcer: What is Bartolomeo planning!?

Hack: Agh!! My hand!!

Bartolomeo: Can't you see I'm trying to take a piss? Get outa here, fish.

*Bellamy springs in*

Page 2

Bellamy: Spring Bazooka!!

*Bellamy flies into Bartolomeo, with both his arms as springs, and hits right in his face with a burst-like attack*

*Bartolomeo his hit, and is going into the water*

Announcer: Looks like Bartolomeo's down for the count!!

Crowd: Yeah Bellamy, get that jerk!!

Page 3

Announcer: Huh, whats this!?

*Bartolomeo is held above the water by some sort of force field*

Bartolomeo: Ass hole! Can't a guy catch a break??

Bellamy: Don't worry fish-bro *thumbs up*

Page 4

*Hack watch Bellamy fight Bartolomeo*

Hack: A savior in the form of a human... Brother Jinbe would be proud of the path to friendship I've created...

*Meanwhile, Ricky is seen standing above Bluegilly's body.*

Announcer: On the other side of the ring, Bluegilly is beaten!! But what is this....?

Elizabelllo II: Dagama!!

Dagama: Yes king?

Page 5

Elizabello II: I'm ready!

Dagama: Alright, i think we should take out that armored man! Ricky!

*Ricky goes at Dagama, but Dagama dodges leaving Elizabello open*

Elizabello: KING PUNCH!

  • Ricky is punched, breaking open his armor and sending him flying into the wall of the Colosseum*

Crowd: Oh no! The cool armor man!

Page 6

Announcer: Oh no! Ricky is out of the ring, and therefore disqualified!!

*Ricky is covered in a cloud of dust and crumbled rock, until it clears and the crowd gets a good look at him*

Crowd: Gasp!!

*On the side wall, Luffy see's Ricky's true face*

Luffy: Whoa, it's him!!

Page 7

*The dust clears, revealing Ricky to be Kyros, the gladiator from twenty years ago*

Announcer: Its the legend of the Cololsseum, Kyros!

Kyros (bloody and beaten): *Koff koff* I just wanted......... redemption..

Luffy: Hm.. When i win I think I'll help that guy. Maybe I'll get a bronze statue of myself.

Page 8

Bellamy: What's the racket all about?? *He looks away from the fight*

Bartolomeo: Don't look away!

  • Bartolomeo stabs Bellamy with the knife from his pants*

Bellamy: ACK!

*Bartolomeo kicks him into the water*

In Bellamy's mind: Master Doflamingo.....

  • He falls into the water*

In Bellamy's mind: ...... I've failed you...

Page 9

*Bartolomeo moons the crowd*

Crowd: Boooooo!!! You suck!! Somebody take him out!!

Dagama: Sure thing!

Elizabello: I'll take him out!!

*The two run at Bartolomeo*

Page 10

*Bartolomeo makes a wall, which Elizabello runs right into, knocking him down*

*Dagama, using a giant mace swings at Bartoloeo before he can realize his King isn't behind him*

Dagama: Take this!!!

*A force field is made, blocking his mace and causing it to bounce and hit Dagama in the face*

Dagama: Ugghh ... I'm sorry king Elizabello...

*Elizabello is knocked out*

Page 11

*Bartolomeo waves at the crowd and farts*

Announcer: Its.... it's all over.....!! The winner of Block B is Bartolomeo!!

Crowd: Booooo!!!! Disqualify him!!! He sucks!!

Bartolomeo: HEHECH HECH HECH!!!

Luffy: That guy sure seems like an asshole...

Announcer: Block C will begin in a few moments.

Page 12

*Meanwhile, Sanji and Violet are running around the streets, fighting gunman*

Sanji: Where are all these guys coming from??

Violet: I think they're the Donquixote assault force!

In Sanji's head: Shit they must've recognized me!

Violet: They must be after me!

Sanji: Oh, yeah, you..

*From behind, a tranquilizer dart comes at Sanji*

Sanji: *Using Kenbunshoku* I'm about to be shot!

*He turns around, but before he can dodge it gets shot right in the forehead*

Page 13

Sanji: Whoa boy....

*He passes out*

Violet: Huh?? What happ-

*Violet is shot too*

Page 14

*A shot of Sanji waking up, his disguise removed*

Sanji: Huh what the... where are you my lovely Violet!!?

???: Sanji-san!

Sanji: Kinemon!?

Kinemon: Yes, i was captured as well... Who's this woman with you?

Sanji: Well, I'm sure in Wano country, whee women are treated as less, you never know this feeling. The feeling of a new sun, rising in your heart. I am a lover of women, yes, but this women is the one. the one i shall rise and fall for...

*Sanji goes on in the background as Kinemon talks to Violet*

Page 15

*You can then see the full view of the cell now*

Violet: Oh, his name is Sanji.... I see.. And you're his friend?

Kinemon: Oh, uh.. yes...

*Their conversation is interrupted, when the Cell door is opened*

The Spike Helmet Guy: Come on, we're taking you three and the other prisoner to see boss Donquixote!

Violet: Donquixote...

Chapter End