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Cover: They call out for their lost leader, Garubu!

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Meanwhile, at the Holy Land of Mariejois....

Marine: Vice Admiral, three of the Shichibukai have arrived!

Momonga (now stationed at Mariejois and has grown a small goatee): Good, I'll tell Tsuru.

*He walks off, as a small band of Pirates enters the room*

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Pirates: Who's the strongest? We'll tell you! Who's the best? We'll tell you! Its the legend! The legend! The one and only...

*Buggy emerges from the crowd and they all do a pose*


Infobox: Royal Shichibukai Buggy "The Star Clown", Former Roger Pirate, Captain of the Buggy Pirates, Former Bounty: 15,000,000.

???: Sit down Red Nose, your crewmates need to stay outside.


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Infobox: Marine Admiral Kizaru (Former Vice Admiral Borsalino)

Kizaru: Who else is here?

Buggy: Well let's see.... Bartholomew Kuma came back from getting fixed by Vegapunk over at the new HQ, and the new Shichibukai is here too.

*Kuma enters the room, behind buggy casting a shadow over him*

Kuma: Greetings all.

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???: Hello PX-0. I see the repairs went well.

Kuma:.... Vice Admiral Tsuru. Repairs were successful.

Tsuru: .... Momonga, you told me there was three. Where's the third.

Momonga (behind Tsuru): Eh... I don't--


Tsuru: Oh... it's him....

???: Hey, hey, Tsuru you ol' bat! Good to see ya again!! Hye ke ke ke!

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Infobox: Royal Shichibukai "Human Stampede" Cepbin Hocopor, Captain of the Rhino Pirates, Former Bounty: 160,000,000

*A large fat, elderly man with a grey mustache and eyebrows is standing in the doorway scratching his stomach. He sports a red Hawaiian shirt with pink flowers, under a big grey captains coat with the sleeves rolled up revealing hairy forearms. He has a black bandana with his crews Jolly Roger on it*

Hocopor: Gee, this place sure is fancy! Hye ke ke ke!

Kizaru: Calm down, Hocopor. Take a seat, all of you. Our main topic here is the replacement for Donquixote Doflamingo. His resignation from the Shichibukai is sudden and we didnt expect it at all.

Hocopor: That's the Donquixote family for you!

Tsuru: Indeed...

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Kizaru: Well, we have 3 eligible candidates the Gorosei have put together with the help of Commander in Chief Kong.

*Vice admiral Cancer enters the room*

Cancer: Sorry to interrupt, Admiral put we've just received a Hummingbird Carrier at the gates of Mariejois. The letter is sealed with the Donquixote Pirates symbol.

Kizaru:....Oh dear...

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Cancer: Uh, also sir Vegapunk has just called over the Den Den Mushi. He says a devil fruit is missing from his vault, should we send an Investigator?

Tsuru: I'll contact an Investigator I trust, don't worry. Kizaru, do something about these pirates before you tend to that letter.

Kizaru: Eh... sure thing.. Momonga can you take this for me...?

*He hands him the letter*

Cancer: Yes sir.

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Hocopor: Hye ke ke... This new age sure is fun. Keeping the Marines stressed out. I like these youngster pirates, especially that Straw Hat, he's the most unpredictable one.

Kizaru: Calm down Cepbin.

Buggy: Yeah, its a lot more exciting than back in our day, eh Hocopor?

*Buggy Grins*

Hocopor: But you were just a cabin boy, Red Nose.

*Buggy huddles in a fetal position*

Buggy: You're right... I talk a big talk, but I-- HEY DID YOU CALL ME RED NOSE!!

*Buggy splits his Torso and tries to stab Hocopor, as he holds Buggy off, laughing*

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Kizaru: C'mon! This is a serious situation! Now... Our first candidate is a rookie from two years ago named "Urouge"...

*The scene changes to inside Doflamingo's Mansion, Diamante walking down a hallway with the box that has the Mera Mera no mi in it, being followed closely behind by Trebol.*

Trebol: Oooh, I wonder if Straw Hat really will be lured in by his brothers old fruit.

Diamante: I sure hope so, or Doffy will be mad... Madder than he usually is...

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Trebol: Are you off to the Coliseum, Diamante? Hmmmmmm?

Diamante: Eh... please, give me some space... And no, I'm going to put this in that room.

  • Suddenly, the sound of a Den Den Mushi goes off.*

Trebol: Oh! The Den Den Mushi!

*He picks it up*

Page 11

Trebol: Hello?

  • He shoves the receiver into his face*

???: Trebol, get your face off of the receiver. I have news

Trebol: Oops, sorry Pala! Behehehe!

Pala: We've received word from Equipo. There's a ship near Rocky Shore. We've identified it as the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates.

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Pala: Tell Doflamingo that Trafalgar will be at Green Bit soon with Caesar.

Trebol: Sure thing Pala! *He sniffs up some snot and hangs up* You be careful with that box Diamante. Oh what am I saying I trust you.

Diamante: Oh there's no reason to trust me

Trebol: Sure there is, you're a tough guy

Diamante: Oh I'm not that tough...

Trebol: Well, I'm off to see Dof--

Diamante: Well if you say I can be trusted, I suppose you have no reason to lie! I'm gonna put this in the safe room.

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Card Playing Old Woman: Here prisoner, breakfast.

Card Playing Old Man: Are you going to eat today?

???: I will not eat filth made by a pirate.

Card Playing Old Woman: Have it your way. Starve for all I care.

Page 14

*Doflamingo enters the room*

Doflamingo: Care to talk yet...?

*The prisoner sticks his tongue out*

Doflamingo: Hehheh...

Card Playing Old Man: Do you need anything, Young Master?

Doflamingo: No thanks, just leave me be with this guy...

Page 15

Doflamingo: Listen, I'm not letting you go unless you tell me why you came here.

???: Why should I tell you, bird man?

Doflamingo: Why? Because I'm the man who's going to become your worst nightmare unless you do.

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Infobox: Samurai from Wano, "Frost Bird" Kanjuro

Kanjuro: You? I live in the New world. I see scarier things than you when I look out my window!!!

Doflamingo: You think your hot shit huh... heheh... we'll talk later

*He leaves the room*

Page 17

Kanjuro: Don't worry brother Kinemon, I can sense that your not very far. I know you can rescue me.

Meanwhile, on the Thousand Sunny

Nami: A small island is up ahead, Law. Is that Green Bit?

Law: It matches the description, we'll need to dock there, Cyborg.

Franky: Sure thing!

Page 18

Usopp: Uh hey, Law... I dunno if I told you, but I have a disease where I cant go on islands is there's a murderous guy looking for me...

Chopper: Oh yeah uh.. me too.

Sanji: Come on, you've gotta be brave guys...

Zoro: Wait whats that...?

Robin: Uh oh...

Page 19

Law: Give me that telescope!

*Nami hands law the telescope*

Law: Oh no... Akainu must have seen the article on our alliance... How did he know where we were gonna be??

Luffy: What is it?

Law: Akainu sent an Admiral!

Chapter End.