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Title: Luffy Sword!

Cover: Old Lady smacked me.. She has haki!?

Page 1

Momonosuke: Father!! *crying*

Luffy: The samurais dead... man he was cool.

Law: We can worry about that later, we're nearing the exit, Cat Burgalar get ready.

Nami: Right!

Page 2

Nami: Twister Tempo! *Creates a huge Tornado that spins around them as Law cuts the steel door open to let them outside.*

Sanji: I never doubted that you could do it for a second Nami-swaan~~ And done with such grace!!

Zoro: Shutup Cook, you're getting on my nerves.


Page 3

Law: Alright we're almost home free. We gotta find Caesar and then the lion ship.

Usopp: Woah! The hell is that?? *he points up at something flying in the air*

Law:..... Oh damnit.. Buffalo. And if he's here Baby 5 can't be far.

Robin: Who are buffalo and Baby 5...?

Page 4

Law: They're members of Jokers crew. They're extremely skilled assassins who have never let a target get away.

Usopp: ....Assassins... *scared look*

Sanji: Hey, its Franky!

Page 5

Franky: Hey guys!! *Franky shoots a General Left at Baby 5*

Law: Cyborg, be careful!

Franky: No worries!! I'm SUPER!! *he does his pose as Baby 5 shoots him with Revolver Girl* Gaah!

Page 6

Buffalo: Baby 5!!! I just received word on the Den Den Mushi! The young master is coming HERE!

  • Baby 5 gets distracted by Buffalo*

Baby 5: huh..? *she is hit be a General Right (strong right in Shogun body)

Law: He's coming.. HERE? We've got to find Caesar NOW!

Page 7

Zoro: Who's coming?

Law: DOFLAMINGO! We cant handle him now, that battle will come later!

  • Meanwhile, robin has created giant hands on the Sad Tanker, and has grabbed Caesars body*

Page 8

Law: Well done Devil Child! Throw him over here! I'll catch him.

  • Robin tosses Caesar over to the cart*
  • Law creates a Room around the cart and readies himself*
  • Caesar flies into the Room, only to be followed by Buffalo, who grabs him and flies out of the Room*

Page 9

Law: God damnit!!

Buffalo: Sorry Trafalgar! Nyihihihi! *he flies over to Baby 5*

  • Baby 5 is picked up by Buffalo and the two start to fly away*

Luffy: Don't worry Traffy! I've got him! GUMO GUMO NO......

  • he goes gear 2nd*

Luffy: JET ROCKET!!! *He uses the rocket technique but then goes super fast and grabs onto Buffalo*

Page 10

Baby 5: The hell..?

Luffy: Jet PISTOL! *he punches Baby 5 and jumps into the air*

Luffy: Jet STAMP! *He Kicks Buffalo's head, which makes him spin in midair, flipping Baby 5 off and knocking Caesar out of his arms.*

  • Buffalo tries to grab Baby 5, but instead grabs Luffy who Gomu Gomu no Jet Bells his face and stretches over to grab Caesar.*

Page 11

Franky: Luffy!! You idiot don't fall into the ocean!! General RIGHT! *He sends his fist over to Luffy, and grabs him*

Luffy: Thanks Fra--

  • Luffy is smacked by something in the back on the head*

Baby 5 *being held by Buffalo*: Bat Girl!!

Luffy *In Franky's hand*: That wont work against me! Franky hold onto me with both hands! Ive got an idea!

  • Luffy activates Armanent Haki*

Page 12

Franky: Oh... I got you, *Franky grabs Caesar ad throws him to Law*

Franky: SUPERRRR!!~~ *He swings around Luffy like a sword*

Baby 5: Mace Girl! I bet I can effect you now! *Buffalo swings her around and they clash*

Page 13

Usopp: I picked up the Seastone cuffs like you asked, Robin.

Robin: Thank you, Usopp.

  • She cuffs Caesar*

Smoker: What now..?

Page 14

Law: Well White Hunter, your job is done. You and Captain Tashigi can go back to G-5 and inform the Commodore about Vergo.

Law: Straw Hat and I are going to proceed with the plan we have, now that Jokers SAD production has stopped.

Page 15

Smoker: Trafalgar, Im planning on capturing Straw Hat once this is over.

Law: Sorry but I cant let you do that Smoker, Ive got business with Luffy.

Smoker: What the hell do you need that idiot for!

Law: We plan on blowing a hole in the operation of the Underworld Brokers.

Page 16

Smoker:........ Ive let Straw Hat slide before.... but this is the last time. Tell him next time we meet, he's MINE.

  • he points at the other Straw Hats in the cart*

Smoker: And don't think I've forgotten about all of you. Ive seen what you can do after Two Years.

  • Suddenly, something crashes into the rail behind where the railcar was parked.*

Zoro: The hell was that...?

Page 17

  • The dust and frost clears*

Law:.... We were too late...

Doflamingo: Hey kids *pops his fingers* Mind handing Caesar over?