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Chapter 679 Prediction

Cover: The dungeon? Jinbe cant keep me in here!

Page 1

  • Full view of the lab, Infobox: Lab, Kinemons side*

Zoro: Nami! Where was the kids room?

Nami: It was just this way!

  • They reach a hallway that splits to the right, and left, the whole group goes right, but Zoro turns left.*

Page 2

Usopp: ZORO?!

Everyone: THAT IDIOT!

  • They turn around to chase after him*
  • They reach him, as he stands in front of a big door looking around*

Zoro: Whered you go?


  • A thumping noise comes from the door*

Usopp: Wha-?

Page 3

Nami: What.... whats that....?

Kinemon: MOMONOSUKE!!!!

  • He cuts down the door*


  • Inside stands a large child, face looking like it has been under the side effects of NHC10*

Brook: That couldnt be..... Well at least he's not giant...

Kinemon: Mo...........MOMONOSUKE!!

  • Infobox: Momonosuke: Samurai in training, Kinemons son

Momonosuke: ........candy?

Page 4

Usopp: Not this again!

Momonosuke: ....CANDY!!

  • Momonosuke sends a brutal swing at Usopp, who lands against the wall*

Kinemon: Momonosuke! Stop this foolishness! A samurai must neve--

  • Momonosuke upercuts Kinemon, and sends him into the ceiling and crashing down*
  • Kinemon feels his head, looks on his hand and sees blood*

Kinemon: I supose I'll have to teach you a lesson.

  • Kinemon draws his sword*

Page 5

  • Scene shift to deep in the Lab Infobox: Caesars main lab*

Caesar: Alright, I'll be ready, thanks. *hangs up Den Den Mushi

Caesar: Monet, Ive just received word the Straw hats and G-5 are all in the lab. I'll go prepare myself.

Monet: Alright *she continues writing*

  • Caesar leaves the room*

Page 6

  • Monet hears a few noises, flys upward, and hangs by her tallons on a ceiling pipe, to see who it is.*
  • Chopper enters the room, looking nervous, as he goes over to the screen and inspects it, Monet swoops down behind him*

Monet: Well, hello little Tanuki~


Page 5

  • Scene shift to Smoker walking down the hall*
  • He lefts up his sunglasses when he sees a door, inspects it, then sees the keypad to open it*
  • He punches the keypad, breaking it, which opens the door suprisingly*
  • In the room is Vergo, sipping tea*

Vergo: White Hunter. Nice to see you here *sip*

Smoker: Vergo, Im gonna kick your ass, and take your SAD tanker with me.

Page 7

  • Vergo stands up and sets down his tea*

Vergo: .........*straightens his tie* Just try it.

  • Smoker turns into a Smoke form and lunges at Vergo with his jutte, which Vergo stops with his hand.*

Vergo: You'll have to do better than that.

Page 8

  • Scene Change to Franky, wandering the lab looking for Sunny*

Franky: I'll find Sunny-Gor in no time, how could I miss her, I mean, Im totally super this week, Im on a roll!

  • He peeks into a room, and sees Monet talking to Chopper*

Franky: What the... bird-woman....?

  • Scene change to Luffy beating up Caesars minions*
  • He geabs on by the suit*

Luffy: Wheres Caesar? Im gonna kick his ass!

Satyr: He's..... In the next room.... I think....

  • Luffy tosses him aside*

Luffy: Thanks!

Page 9

  • Luffy runs down a hallway, and sees Franky peeking around the corner*


Franky: Luffy! SHH!

Luffy: Franky! I gotta fight Caesar!

  • Luffy burst into the room, and interrupts Chopper and Monets conversation*

Chopper: LUFFY?

Monet: Straw Hat.....*she grins*

Page 10

Luffy: Bird lady??? Who're you???

Monet: Thats not important, you go along Straw Hat...

Luffy: Whatever, Im gonna kick Caesars ass! See you later Franky, you too Chopper!

Franky: He is'nt even worried....?

Page 11

  • Scene shifts to Law and Robin*

Robin: So what are we looking for again?

Law: The door that leads to the sea

Robin: What was the SAD Tanker smoker talked about? Some kind of ship?

Law: Yes, all of Jokers subordinates sail on them. Theye huge tanker ships that can withstand the strong waters of the New world better than any other type of ship.

Robin: I see...... May I ask you something?

  • They enter a small room, with a transponder snail*

Law: Of course.

Page 12

Robin: Where is your crew?

  • Law pauses*

Law: That's what i want to find out--

  • BedubBedubBedub*

Law: The Den den Mushi.... *Law picks it up and attempts to disquise his voice by plugging his nose*

???: Hello.... ah.... Vergo? Its just too crazy here, the parents are asking too many questions, so Im coming to pick you up. I hope I dont take too long....

Law: Uh... yeah... sure.... I'll be here?

???: Who is this....? YOUR NOT VERGO! WE'VE TALKED FOR TOO LONG! *hangs up*

Page 13

Robin: Who was that....?

Law: I may be wrong, and ths is a stretch, but theres been rumors that Commodore Yarisugi is working with Joker as well, and it sounded like him.

Robin: Just how deep does this all go....

  • Scene change*


  • Caesar turns around, during a phone call on the Den Den Mushi, and with no time to react gets hit straight in the face, Bellamy style*


  • Caesar it hit up against the wall, sending a major crack into it.*

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