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Chapter 659 Abridged

This is the first time I've ever done this. i saw a blog of chapter 656 abridged, and thought I could do it too, i hope to God it dosent fail...

  • Cover- Staring at men, looking disapointed, classic Disco
  • Marine: I feel like two 8 foot men are watching me at all times, but hows that different from normal?
  • Marine 2: Huh?
  • Marine:...just the voices
  • Smoker: Hm, I wonder where the secret entrance is, mabey I can just look at some water and I'll get an answer.
  • Tashigi: *whispers in Smokers ear* To the left....
  • Smoker: FIRE!
  • Smoker: Thats right, I went to Navi-..Navigation-al-tion school!

  • Usopp: Theres a blizzard over there!
  • Luffy: Oh, really? I never noticed because theres this strong wind and the snow is going crazy. thanks captain obvious.
  • Luffy: Mabey me and Robin could just ride you guys
  • Zoro: I wouldnt mind that.....but how will we get across the lake?
  • Usopp: Ima make a boat, yo.
  • Zoro: Oh, awesome Usopp, my favorite kind of shape too.
  • Usopp: I have to think of something clever for this..its a boat..and it looks like a bannanna....BOATY BANNANNA!
  • Robin: oh Usopp, you sure have a lot of seeds.
  • Usopp: Including the one in you--I mean yeah, from Boin Archipelego. I had to go deep in the forrest. Deeper than I went in you--I mean never mind.
  • Luffy: Hey guys! Ima be a fat ass and not help anybody! No wonder I get number one in the popularity poll all the time!
  • Usopp: Sounds good Luff--WAIT, DA HECK IS THAT?
  • Centaur: I need to call my boss, I gotta take this hard curvy thing out of my pants and blow on it!
  • Zoro:.....Is that what she said..or..he said...
  • Usopp: Oh look, a bunch of centaurs looking to kill us.
  • Robin: No reason to be scared, just keep rowing.

  • Chopper: Ive finally been put in charge of something I wont screw up!
  • Nami: Ima just stand here so the pervs can look at me!

  • Sanji: Now, Take. It. OFF.
  • PH guys: Oh noes, WE'RE MELTING, MEELLTTIINNGGGG. Wait, we're just sheep.
  • Samuri Head: Ugh...Ohh...eehh....
  • Sanji: Are you jizzing in your pants?
  • Head: No.
  • Franky: Is the Head getting head?
  • Head: No! My torso is fighting some dude using auras and blahblahblah....

  • Brook: Woah, no legs, no head..theres no logical explanation but that youve been cut, died, came back as a spirit, and are atacking me for no reason! Your just jealous of my fashion sense!
  • Brook: Your strong..just like you MOM IN BED! AUBADE COUP DRIOTE BEYYAACH
  • Brook: .....You werent defeated....FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUCKING GREAT

  • PH guy: Hey master that isnt really human and just some sort of substance which is really confusing but Im guessing will be revealed how you do it later, a warship is on the shore
  • Master: Whatevs broseph, just hide and you wont get buttraped.

  • Marine: Except out your butt
  • Marine 2: And the hot air from your head
  • Smoker: *noob mode* STFU N00BZ IDFK WAT U THINK OF M3! Lets just knock on the front door, mabey someone will answer
  • Marine: Seems legit
  • Doors answers*
  • Law: Oh hey guys, I just baked cookies, come in and we can sit down for a cup of tea.
  • Marines: OMGWTFBBQ
  • Law: Yeah, I cut 100 marine hearts out and sent them to you in little wrapped boxes saying "tell your friends". And then I removed their eyeballs and testicals, blended them up, and forced my crew to drink it.
  • Smoker: Hey, you cant be here, GTFO
  • Law: NO U

So that was it, I know its not that funny :L

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