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A bright day in Grand Line city...

"Officer! Officer please help! My baby is trapped in there with that maniac!!"

Makino, a young bar owner, yelled at Officer Zoro, who had just arrived to the scene of the crime.

"Huh? Your baby?" The officer grabbed the hilt of his swords and began running across the street to talk to the woman. "Yes sir! That crook Higuma took my baby and has him in there!"

The duo stands in front of the large bar, police cars surrounding the building. Officer Zoro Scratches his chin. "Well, miss.... If thats the case.... I better run in there myself!" He quickly begins running.

In the opposite direction.


A few doors down,


Madame Jora, the surealist artist from downtown, is starring into the mirror looking at her new hairdo.

"Well what do you expect? Its the lovely ladies that inspire me every day."

"Lovely ladies like me?" she bats her eyes at him.

Sanji ignores her and oggles Hancock, Bonney and Perona walking down the street. A little bit of blood comes out of his nose. "heheheh..."

Jora begins to pay for her haircut. "So... Because my beauty inspired you.. Could I get a discount of this?" She attempts her best 'cutesy' face. "For you? Thats gonna be EXTRA."

In walks a lovely red haired woman, with her small fury companion. The two are discussing their work.

"Chopper you really shouldn't baby the kids so much. I mean, kids gets scrapes and scratches you can't just badage them all up right away. Let the kids be kids!" Nami approaches the counter.

"Oh, Nami you know as much as I do, the kids need love and attention. As a teacher I have to teach them not to do whatever it was that hurt them again!"

Nami leans over the counter, standing next to Jora still talking to Chopper. "Y'know, Chopper sometimes I just don't get you...But you sure are good with kids."

Chopper pauses... "Oh... Shutup you asshole! Don't talk to me like that!! Hehee!" As he says this he does a litle dance.

Nami turns her head to Sanji, who is slumped over on the floor, chest covered in blood. Nami and Chopper are shocked "OH MY!" Chpper runs around the counter to check on him.

"Don't...wory about me brother... I've just seen an angel..." He gives a thumbs up.

"OH, Mr. SANJI! Thank you for the compliment! Just for taht I will pay full price and leave you a big tip!" Jora twirls out of the store.

"So uh.. youre happy with the design then...?"

"Hmm... Maybe make it a little more... Super..."


"Yea.. Add more stars and palm trees. Its gotta be SUUUUUUPERRR!!"

"Woah. uh... okay man i can get behind that... I just.. Theres alreday so many stars on there and the latters are literally all palm trees."


Usopp falls down on his butt at the might of the yell and pose of the pilot he was doing Graphic Desighn work for. This Cutty guy truly was a man's man. Usopp wished to one day be like that....

"So, little man, do you think you can do that for me? I mean, I've seen your work and I dont know if I can start my private flying company without you."

"Oh.. yea of course Mr. Flam." Usopp held his hand out for him to shake.

"Call me Franky!!" He grabbed his hand and shook furiously. "So, you wanna take a ride with me and my flight attendant? We're only flying across town to New World Airport."

Usopp was hesitant but he agreed. The two got on the small plane, which for some reason had a lions head painted on the front. "Looks a bit like a sunflower, I'd say." Usopp pointed out to Franky. "No way, brother. Its a lion." Franky lowered his sunglasses. and got on the plane. There sat Nico Robin, the flight attendant who worked for Franky.

"Hello, Ms. Robin." Usopp greeted her. "Good afternoon, Mr. Usopp. I'm glad you ae flying with us today."

They go through the regular flight routine, and begin to soar. "Here we go!" Franky calls from the cabin.

"So... are we gonna make it across the city before dark? Cause I got some stuff to do back home..." Usopp begins getting antsy "I also uh... " he looks out the window ".. have kind of a fear of heights....."

"Oh.. don't worry. Franky will definately activate the Coup de Burst soon." Robin calmly takes two colas out of the minifridge, and opens them both handing one to Usopp.

"Coup de.. what?"

"ACTIVATING COUP DE BURST!! EVERYBODY STRAP IN!" Franky yells over the intercom. Robin chuckles, and sips her drink. "Just watch, long-nose."

"Wait.. Whats going on...?" Usopp starts to get nervous.

"Whatever happens... The plane will probably crash and we'll probably burn alive." Robin says with a straight face.

Usopp screams as the Coup De Burst is activated.

"ALRIGHT ASSHOLE! I'm comin in!!"

Zoro slices through the door, as the only officer that carries swords he has a certain oddness about him. He rus in and sees Higuma holding a sack full of cash and liquor. He points a pistol at Zoro.

"Ok Mr. policeman.... youre gonna let me come through...."

"I dont think so, scumbag. Youre coming with me." Zoro has a sword in each hand.

The tension is rising.. It could be cut with a knife, but suddenly....


"WHAT THE HELL?" Both of them yell out at the same time

"Um.. Hello, Gentlemen, I am Detective Brook. Pleased to make your acquantance this fine day. Now, lets all just put our weapons away, as I am told taht a young child is in the room?"

Brook enters, sipping a cup of tea, cane hung over one arm. "What the hell... YOURE A DAMN SKELETON!!" Higuma begins to shoot but because Brook is so quick and fast he dodges each bullet. "YOHOHO! Calm down sir! You would want to frighten the...." He notices the baby on the counter, sleeping "!"

Brook grabs the baby, and cuddles it. The baby wakes up and begins to cry.

"Oh! Baby please dontcry! Just look into my sweet, calming face."

Baby cries even more.

"Oh... I dont HAVE a face... YOHOHOHOOO!"

"Hey man just what the hell is going on here!!?" Higuma drops his sack of goods. Suddenly his chest burst open, spilling blood. "Oh, my apologies sir I forgot to mention I stabbed to just a few seconds ago with my canesword. I do apologise again, but its what had to be done."

Zoro stands to the side. He is dumbfounded. "Officer, if we may..."

Brook begins to walk out as Zoro reluctantly follows. As they reach the door, and walk out they hear a noise.

"Do you hear that...?" Zoro begins looking around. "Well, Officer, I'm sure I would but I don't have ears!! YOHOHOHOHOO"

"No, no, seriously.. it sounds like it coming from--"

Sudenly a plane crashes into the bar, causing a huge explosion and fire. Its the Thousand Sunny, but luckily Franky, Robin and Usopp Parachutted to safety.

The three of them slowly float down to the ground.


"Oh my god we're dead. Oh my god we're dead. Oh my god we're dead."

"Oh my! Fufu.. Wasn't THAT something!"

Outside, watching are Sanji, Nami and Chopper (The latter two have brand new haircuts.) The had ran outside when they heard then plane crash, and were only a few doors down. A crown starts to form.

"Wow... they must've not had a good navigator.." Nami scoffs at the crashed plane. "I hope everybody got out okay!! Man that looks like someone could really get hurt."

Sanji looks up, only to see something very surprising. "A GODDES DESCENDED FROM THE HEAVENS!! THE LORD HAS ANSWERED MY PRAYERS!!"

Zoro, Brook, and the baby stand in front of the burning building.

"Wow we almost died."


"Huh. Good thing you came along, Detective."

"It was my pleasure, Officer Zoro."

They shake hands and Zoro takes the baby back to Makino. Sudenly they all hear sirens, and a firetruck drives around the corner.

"OUT THE WAY FOLKS!! FIREMEN COMIN THROUGH!!!" Sitting on the top on the firetruck is Monkey D. Luffy. Driving is Portgas D. Ace, and in the passenger seat is Sabo. Thy wildly park and run out. Luffy, sabo and Ace all work the hose Luffy being flung around by the power of it.

"WAHOO!! This is great!!"

The fire is put out and the crowd sort of disbands. All except Nami, Chopper, Sanji, Brook, Robin, Franky, Usopp, Zoro and Luffy.

"Well... This was a crazy day.." Usopp says. "Arent they all?" Responds Zoro. They all laugh, and they walk away.