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Hello all, heres another blog destined to fail by me.

While sitting and thinking about One Piece today, because thats not weird at all, I started thinking about how Tamago and Luffy would be good at Basketball, because of their strectching and height abilities. Then it got me to thinking what other chrecters would be good at other sports. I came up with this

  • Sanji would be best at Soccer (Football) as seen in the Soccer special. I thought either Sentomaru, Whitebeard, or Franky would be the best goalie.
  • As for Baseball, I figured swordsman would be best because of their manuvering of weapons. People like Zoro and Mihawk. Also, as seen in the Baseball special, Luffy can just punch the ball. People with lots of stregth like Whitebeard, Ace, Franky, Garp, and Sengoku would be good at swinging the bat too. Luffy' could stretch to catch the ball, Buggy could seperate himself to catch it, and Robin could make arms to catch it. The charecters with flyring abilities would have ease at catching as well. Kizaru could just use lightspeed to run around the bases.
  • At Football (the american version, with the pads and helmets) I think Whitebeard would be the best, able to tackle people with little effort, same with Blackbeard. Kizaru would use his speed to reach the inzone, Aokiji could freeze anybody attempting to stop him, Akainu and Ace could just burn anyone trying to stop them. Chopper would also be good at running, him being a reindeer and all. Flying charecters like Pell and Marco could just fly right over the players. Sanji would kick great field goals.
  • Basketball would be an ease for charecters like Luffy, Buggy, and Robin, with their reaching and stretching abilities. Tamago could have advantege with his long legs, and Apoo with his long arms. Kizaru would have advantages with speed. I think Usopp would use his Kabuto to shoot the ball straight into the goal. Chopper would use jumping boost to jump up into the goal.

Well, thats all I could think of. I guess allmost all charecters would be good at Martial Arts, Boxing, etc. and Fishmen would be good at Swimming. Usopp, Van Auger, and Yasopp would be best at Archery. I dont know much about Tennis. So, thats about it.

Thats just my thoughts, give me your feedback~DSP