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A World of Color

Hello to you all~

We're all fans of one piece right!?

Well, after seeing some art that has the Straw Hats matching certain colors, I tought "Meh, I might make one" So, when i was bored yesterday, I did.

Then I started to think.

What other colors could be used to symbolise which charecters, and what colors do i think of when i think of a certain charecter. So, I made one for the supernovas and shichibukai

So, what other colors have to do with certain charecters? And why do we think of these colors? It could be clothes, like Luffy, or hair color like Zoro, or even skin color, like Jinbe.

So tell me, What colors do YOU think match other charecters?

thanks for reading the short blog on my tiny thoughts ~DSP

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