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Lot's of people are confused about what's going to with the Sunny crew, and I'd like to open discussion for such things as,

  • Where are they? Was that Zou or somewhere else?
  • Who are they trying to save?
  • Who's that little girl?
  • Why are the pirates looking for a samurai? Are they looking fir Kin'emon? Kanjuro? The mysterious third samurai that they lost on the way to Dressrosa? Or a whole new one?

I'm thinking its probably one of Choppers pet projects like those kids on Punk Hazard. Whoever this is that they're saving, its a group of people and Chopper wants to save them. Also, if they barely escaped Big Mom's ship wouldn't Big Mom be after them? So we'll see that soon I guess.

This island is really strange but i'm pretty sure it's Zou due to the fact that Sheepshead was confused as to how they reached it. The sunny crew has a vivre card, so that would make since.

I thought the little girl was the 3 eyed girl at first, but then she.. wasn't...The samurai they're afraid of is, I hope, the 3rd samurai the lost. But why are they afraid of/looking for him? 

All these questions will probably be answered but what are YOUR thoughts??