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"What's the Deal with the Sunny Crew? I'm so Confused!"

Lot's of people are confused about what's going to with the Sunny crew, and I'd like to open discussion for such things as,

  • Where are they? Was that Zou or somewhere else?
  • Who are they trying to save?
  • Who's that little girl?
  • Why are the pirates looking for a samurai? Are they looking fir Kin'emon? Kanjuro? The mysterious third samurai that they lost on the way to Dressrosa? Or a whole new one?

I'm thinking its probably one of Choppers pet projects like those kids on Punk Hazard. Whoever this is that they're saving, its a group of people and Chopper wants to save them. Also, if they barely escaped Big Mom's ship wouldn't Big Mom be after them? So we'll see that soon I guess.

This island is really strange but i'm pretty sure it's Zou due to the fact that Sheepshead was confused as to how they reached it. The sunny crew has a vivre card, so that would make since.

I thought the little girl was the 3 eyed girl at first, but then she.. wasn't...The samurai they're afraid of is, I hope, the 3rd samurai the lost. But why are they afraid of/looking for him? 

All these questions will probably be answered but what are YOUR thoughts??

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