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One piece chapter 651 is out today.

The link to the chapter

An epic battle is about to stir up in the new world. Luffy just declared war on big mom and claims fishman island as his turf. Also the KID pirates took out two ships that belong to Big Mom. We finally get to see Big Mom and Luffy actually talks to her through a den den mushi.

Luffy: “Hello”

Luffy: “Hey , are you big mom?!”

Big Mom: “This isn’t Tamago or even Pekoms. Who might it be?”

Luffy: “ I’m Monkey D. Luffy!! The man who’s gonna become the pirate king!!!”

Big Mom: “ Monkey D? Ahh.. Garp’s grandson. Now I remember. The little boy that stirred up the war two years ago…”

Luffy: “There’s no more Candy!! I Ate it All!!!”

Big Mom: “So the news was true?! There was supposed to be 10 tons!!”

Luffy: “Yeah I ate all 10 tons!!!”

Big Mom: “Silly boy. You shouldn’t lie now. You’re trying to cover for the Fishmen, aren’t you?”

Luffy: “But it’s true, I’m the one who ate it!! I didn’t know that the candy was promised to go to you!!”

Luffy: “We have a bunch of treasure here now!! I’ll give it all to you!! To make up for the candy”

Big mom: “Treasure?! You expect me to eat treasure?! I want sweet, delicious candy!!!”

After a while when big mom compromises after talking to her pirates

Big Mom: “Monkey D. Luffy..!! I know your name now!.. Come on out to the new world!!!”

Luffy “Yeah, you just wait!! I owe you now! It’s too dangerous to leave you in charge of this place! So I’m gonna kick your ass when I get to the new world… AND MAKE FISHMAN ISLAND MY TURF!!!”

I can't wait for the strawhats to reach the new world. This is going to be epic.