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  • Dany1459

    Simply going by how they look, it seems likely that they are related, and it would make Ace and Luffy blood cousins, which is important to my theory. Note: Dragon and Roger would be step brothers.

    First thing is that Garp let Luffy go, and save Ace in Marineford. Presumably, he let him go because they meant a lot to each other, and Ace meant a lot to Garp. But why? Garp was hardly around when they were growing up. Just because of the promise to Roger? Garp seems clearly conflicted abouth his role in the war, and what he should do. For me the fact that Ace was his blood relative, his nephew, would make more sense. As it is, Ace just meant the world to Luffy, not necesarrily to Garp. This would make it a more plausible reason for Garp letting…

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  • Dany1459

    Marriages or whatever

    September 20, 2011 by Dany1459

    Luffy and Boa Hancock

    Zoro and Robin

    Sanji and Nami

    Usopp and Kaya

    For Chopper, Franky and Brook i await your suggestions cause i have no clue....:)

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  • Dany1459

    Doflamingo's Abilities

    September 20, 2011 by Dany1459

    I think Donquixote Doflamingo's ability isn't a Devil Fruit. I think it revolves around strings which are tied to his fingers and are imbued with Haki. He wraps them around his opponents limbs and controles them and he can pull them so hard that they sever a limb, as seen with Oars Jr. Reasons for this:

    -he mostly uses his fingers in a fight;

    -his fingers movements are very complex in comparison to other characters and they look 'special';

    -he would not be the first anime character to use strings to such extent, as i've seen in other anime series;

    -he is never refered to as a Devil Fruit User. The only sure thing that is known about him is that he has the highest bounty among the Shichibukai and is very powerfull, powerfull enough to fight in …

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