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Hello, this is the first time writting a blog, i'm not saying that my predictions/theories are accurate or that they'll even happen, this is just a thought and i'd like to hear what you guys think.

It would seem obvious that the Kid/Apoo/Hawkins alliance are targeting Big Mom since tamago sank some of their ships, but i've been thinking it'd be more interesting if they were actually be targeting shanks. Kid looks strong and very sure of himself so it'd make sense that he'd try to take the strongest (IMO) yonko down.

I'd imagine that after hearing that the SH/Heart alliance succeded in taking down a yonko (i imagine the first to fall is actually big mom) he'd ask them to join the alliance.

They'd meet and after hearing who they are targeting, Luffy would start a fight (since he'd want to take Shanks down himself). 

I'd also like the other super novas to join the fight, chosing who they want to ally themself with. Urouge and Capone would ally with Kid while Bonney would ally with the SH/Heart pirates, X drake would stay out of the fight.

Cavendish upon hearing this would join the battle seeing this as a good oportunity to kill all the supernovas at once. 

Bartolomeo would also join the fight, alling himself with Luffy (obviously).

The match ups would be:

.Luffy vs Kid

.Sanji vs Cavendish

.Zoro vs Killer vs Hakuba

.Sanji vs Hawkins

.Franky vs Urouge

.Ussop vs Capone

.Law and Brook vs Apoo

.Nami vs Heat

.Chopper vs wire

.Bepo vs Farul (Cavendish horse)

Keep in mind this would be after beating a yonko, so they'd be much stronger than they are right now.

If you like this blog i might post the actual fights or write the whole thing and post it.