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You know, I think that Zoro somewhere in the near future should get a Seastone Sword. That would be so cool. I don't think any other Mugiwara's should use haki, but if Zoro had a seastone sword, he could show up and cut some Logias throat!! He could cut Buggy or Mr. 1!

Granted, it wouldnt work on some zoans, how would that work? But it would still make him slightly more reliable than he already is.

Now, some people are saying "that the Straw Hats are already too powerful and stuff", well how is Zoro suppose to fight a logia if he comes across one?

or would say something like, "Sanji needs Seastone shoes", thats just stupid!

Anyway, just a personal fantasy of mine, dont have to agree, but if you did, i would love you