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A few personal opinions about the latest chapter: (If you havent read Chapter 651 dont read this)

~ So it seems EVERYONE in Big Mama's crew is a freak!!

Freaks or Devil Fruits??

~ And Big Mama is the Biggest freak of all YOHOHOHO

How the hell did she get so big?? Even Whitebeard would seem tiny compared to her

~ Damn.... Im gonna see Big Mama in my nightmares tonight....

is anybody else getting a creepy vibe from her?

~ For some reason I knew Luffy was gonna answer the Denden Mushi, but when he did I was still surprised X'D

I Love it when he does that hahaha

~ Finally some news on the Supernovas!! Ive been waiting for that!!

Kidd and Luffy VS Big Mama?? no?

~OMG!! Luffy declaring war on a YONKOU?? Damn Luffy!! Even I didnt think you were that stupid. But thats why we love you