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To see the Strongest Crew In The World, that is my dream

Shanks, Haki, sword, Yonkou, Captain

Koshiro, sword, knowledge of how to cut anything, Swordsman

Bellemere, Marine Captain, rifle, badass

Yassop, sniper of a Yonkou crew, awesome dreds

Zeff, assumed new world pirate, wicked cook, cool moustach

Dr. Hiluluk, "quack", doctor, pirate ambision

Jaguar D Saul, giant, super strong, Dereshishishishi, ex-marine

Tom, shipwright, "Do it with a Don, iventor of the sea train, beard

Laboon, giant whale, super powerful, likes music

Oro Jackson, awesome ship with Red sails

that would be the greatest crew in the whole wide world!!!