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Goodbye fishys!!

Dandalore January 3, 2012 User blog:Dandalore

Fishman Island Arc is coming to a close!! It was a great arc, but lets look forward. What do you think is going to happen after this arc? Like, I mean what is the next arc is going to be like?

Ok wait, let me ask you: What do you HOPE the next arc will be about? Will our beloved heroes run into a new enemy, an old friend, an Old enemy, something completley strange and horribly horrific?? Maybe theyll just have a bit of fun with each other for a couple chapters...? Hmmm, you never know. But you can dream. And I want to know what you want to be in the next arc and I'll tell Oda.

Srsly, my friend knows one of his relatives.

Chopper: Eh?? Really? You know Oda? WOW YOU'RE SO COOL!!

Me: Yeah, I know HAHAHA

Usopp:......He's lying

Chopper: :O WHAT?

Me: "-_-

So, anyway. Tell me what you hope will be in the next arc!!

Me:Please comment, I want to you your opinion

Zoro: Now you just sound desperate...

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