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Dandalore January 22, 2011 User blog:Dandalore

Who do YOU would win in a Battle between Trafalgar Law VS Buggy the Clown?? Nodachi VS Knives

Personally I think Buggy would win. If Law used his powers to cut him up, Buggy could just reassemble himself, dont you think?

But then again, we dont know to much about Law's devil fruit....

Also, Buggy has his Muggy Balls, which are enough to bring Minotaurus to his knees! But Law could use Shambles to switch it with a floating body part! But Buggy is resiliant enough to withstand a Muggy Ball!


Buggy seems incredibly weak, but in certain match-ups, like this one, I think Buggy has the upper hand, and would win!

Thoughts? Comments?

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