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  • Dandalore

    Grim Premonitions

    January 11, 2012 by Dandalore

    Me just being a guy I have to say: Damn!! Look at Tashigi~!!!

    Also Smoker is so badass... still. I cant wait for the upcoming arc!!

    Thats all for now XD

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  • Dandalore

    Goodbye fishys!!

    January 3, 2012 by Dandalore

    Fishman Island Arc is coming to a close!! It was a great arc, but lets look forward. What do you think is going to happen after this arc? Like, I mean what is the next arc is going to be like?

    Ok wait, let me ask you: What do you HOPE the next arc will be about? Will our beloved heroes run into a new enemy, an old friend, an Old enemy, something completley strange and horribly horrific?? Maybe theyll just have a bit of fun with each other for a couple chapters...? Hmmm, you never know. But you can dream. And I want to know what you want to be in the next arc and I'll tell Oda.

    Srsly, my friend knows one of his relatives.

    Chopper: Eh?? Really? You know Oda? WOW YOU'RE SO COOL!!

    Me: Yeah, I know HAHAHA

    Usopp:......He's lying

    Chopper: :O WHAT?

    Me: "-_-…

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  • Dandalore

    One's Struggle

    December 30, 2011 by Dandalore

    What person do you think has givin Luffy the hardest struggle in a one on one fight. In my opinion I think its Crocodile. He defeted Luffy TWICE and still gave him a run for his money the third time. But then again it might be Lucci, I mean... come on!! That fight was amazing. Or perhaps Megallan? OH what about Aokiji?? Hmmm I just cant decide... Maybe its someone I havent even thought of yet. But to reiterrate, who do You think gave Luffy his toughest one-on-one struggle??

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  • Dandalore

    Voice from the New World

    December 26, 2011 by Dandalore

    A few personal opinions about the latest chapter: (If you havent read Chapter 651 dont read this)

    ~ So it seems EVERYONE in Big Mama's crew is a freak!!

    Freaks or Devil Fruits??

    ~ And Big Mama is the Biggest freak of all YOHOHOHO

    How the hell did she get so big?? Even Whitebeard would seem tiny compared to her

    ~ Damn.... Im gonna see Big Mama in my nightmares tonight....

    is anybody else getting a creepy vibe from her?

    ~ For some reason I knew Luffy was gonna answer the Denden Mushi, but when he did I was still surprised X'D

    I Love it when he does that hahaha

    ~ Finally some news on the Supernovas!! Ive been waiting for that!!

    Kidd and Luffy VS Big Mama?? no?

    ~OMG!! Luffy declaring war on a YONKOU?? Damn Luffy!! Even I didnt think you were that stupid.…

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  • Dandalore


    December 10, 2011 by Dandalore

    Im confused about something. Its been a while since Ive been here again, but since ive been back theres been an awful lot of talk about Sabo...

    Whats going on? Is it just people were saying Sabo is gonna make an appearence again soon, or something?? Its a little odd is all, I come online and suddenly all this talk about Sabo...

    Id appreciate you taking your time to explain this to me. Thanks!!

    Merry Christmas~!!

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