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Ok, there is a World Noble ship about to dock at the Fishman Island port. That much I can accept. What I don't get is why it came to that. First off, what the hell is a World Noble ship doing going through Fishman Island? They're World Nobles for god's sakes, they have the power to do whatever the hell they want. If they wanted to go to the New World, they could have passed through Mariejois. When it would come time to leave their ship behind, they would simply have to flash their World Noble badge and pass through. So why make the voyage 20,000 feet harder than it would have to be? I'll admit, the first thing that flashed into my mind when they were coming was "catch their own slaves." The only reason I came to that conclusion was it was the only thing that makes remotely logical sense since everything else doesn't add up. I crunched the numbers on what year it is in the flashback, and it seems like it is too early to be ten years ago. Hopefully, they won't want anything to do with the fishmen or merfolk, what with them being "disgusting" and all. Here's another question, what happened to their ship? While I'm on that subject, what the hell was up with Otohime and the guards saving ships on the surface? Did Oda try to play out the old "saved by a mermaid" myth? Also, htf would they know that a ship 10,000 feet above them (it was on the surface since you can see waves) was in distress? That aside, a World Noble can only be bad news. I'm kind of nervous to see how this plays out.